This site is for exposing the activities of Yad Lachim, a Orthodox Jewish organisation devoted to harrasing Messianic Jews and Christians in Israel and the diaspora.

Founded in 1950, Yad Lachim aims to counter missionary activity by Christians in Israel, US and other places.  They do this by sending people undercover to churches and Messianic congregations where they think Jewish believers in Jesus are.

Theres plenty of evidence to show this organization has been involved with criminal activity and assault.

The spelling can vary, Yad Lachim, Yad Leachim or Yad L’Achim, on their France web site; Yad Leahim, in Hebrew:   יד לאחים  – it means ‘Hand to the Brothers’   Oddly, their web sites use different spelling between the US and Israel branches

In reality they are aggressively against anything that involves Jewish people following what they believe is not Orthodox Judaism.   We have nothing against the Haredim / Ultra Orthodox, but we think Israeli people should be able to chose to follow Jesus Christ / Yeshua HaMoshiach without fear or intimidation.

We abhor Anti-semitism and every other kind of racism, every religious group will have its extremists, so we exist to expose these clowns.

We encourage all Christians to lease pray for Messianic Jews in Israel and please also pray for salvation for those causing fear and intimidation, after all the apostle Paul was radically changed in circumstances not that unsimilar.

We call on the Israeli people and Jewish community worldwide to have nothing to do with Yad Lachim.

We resepectfully ask the Haredi / Orthodox Jewish community to not donate them money or listen or read their literature.   If you don’t like religious outreach in your area you can always pray or write to your local government councillor.

Our view as Christians, like terrorist attacks from Palestinians and the Arab world, we believe that forces are there to intimidate Christians and Jewish people, and that Ephesians 6:12 says it well here:  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

FAQs about this site:-

Why is the comments turned off?

We don’t like doing this, but this is done so we don’t attract antisemites, especially holocaust deniers, conspiracy whackos, etc.  This site is just kept simple to expose YL’s operations.

We want to be absolutely clear to distance ourselves from Jews control the media, banks, governments type movements which are a common flavour of antisemitism.

Aren’t you really Christian missionaries?

Yes.  If you want to call us that.   We don’t give out leaflets on the street or approach anyone to talk about their religious beliefs.    We do pray for Jewish people and over communities for their salvation and safety for Israel against threats from the Islamic world.

We support the right of religious freedom for Jewish people and we will aggressively expose anyone who is against this.    Orthodox Jews in cities in Israel like Tiberias are very enthusiastic to give out religious literature about the Rebbi Nachman Meuman, and give them to visiting Christians, and thrust paperwork through open windows of cars stopped at traffic lights.   That’s fine by us, we think the public should make up their own mind what they want to follow.

The Chabad Lubavitcher movement (which several members of Yad Lachim are a member of) are a prosletysing group of Judaism, as many of them believe Rebbe Menachem Shneerson is the Messiah, this is obvious by the enormous posters put up all over Israel and will often tell people about the rebbe when inviting Jewish men to wrap tefillin.    The trouble is the Rebbe never came to Israel, he was born in Ukraine and died in New York, not all consistant with what prophecy says.

We support people to market their own religious beliefs in Israel as long its done in a honest and open way.

Are you against Haredim/Orthodox Jews?

No.   We humbly ask the Orthodox Jewish community to steer clear of this organisation and not give them money or assoicate with them in anyway.

Why do you write Yad Lachim in orange text

Because they do it on their own web site, so we do it as well.

You invading peoples privacy by publishing details fo Yad Lachim’s staff and pictures.

Well, one Yad Lachim’s common tactics amongst people they spy on, is to put out posters with people’s faces, names and addresses out around the community, as well contact landlords and employers to get people evicted or fired.

We put up details to get people to just distance themselves from doing business, giving donations and associating with Yad Lachim in anyway.

Are you against Israel?

We represent Christians and Messianic Jews who love Israel.   However we don’t think Israel is infallible, and we pray for the leadership of this nation.

In general Israel has democratic rights for people practice their religion, unlike the rest of the middle east which Christians in Arab countries often face great persecution or even death for what they believe.


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