Yad L’Achim do illegal scam offering miracles and spouses in exchange for cash


Oh brother…  thought it was just a few prosperity teachers on some trashy TV that do this.

This is illegal according to Israeli law.

If you are new here, click the ‘Finances’ button to show Yad L’Achim’s financial background isn’t revealed to anyone.


New magazine responds to antimissionary campaign from Yad L’Achim

response to Yad magThis year groups of Israeli believers have stood up to religious bully group.  After magazines anonymously sent to intimidate Messianic believers, a new Hebrew magazine has been launched to ask all those awkward questions Jewish people ask about Jesus.

You can read this here:-


(we are not connected with One for Israel but like their work)

Visit our sister blog “BadHebrewRoots”

You may want to visit our sister blog BadHebrewRoots

Many Christians (especially some with Jewish background) get excited about Israel and the Jewish roots of our faith, however its easy to get caught up in just anything, especially when there is weird teaching about.

From our research we have discovered so called ministries like Truth2U, SpiritualBabies and Pathways which aim to give Christians teaching on Hebraic foundations.    It would appear these started of as folks who followed Yeshua then become apostates and promote anti-Yeshua (against Jesus) material from anti missionary people like Rabbi Tovia Singer, Ira Michaelson and Michael Skobac.    We have found these people have had means of brain washing people just like Daniel Asor has from Yad L’Achim.


If you know people into this stuff, tell them to get away from it, and get properly understanding scripture in it’s real context.