Yad L’Achim providing more Russian material

Details here about their magazine in Russian here:-


courtesy of Arutz Sheva

Related, the Yad L’Achim religious bullies put little pictures of their Rebbe Messiah on their Netanya office, where a lot of Russian speaking Israelis live, cute eh?


Did Yad L’Achim put Ovadia Yosef in danger?

Earlier this year Yad L’Achim embarked on a mission to given Jewish families who had been living with an Arab father a new life, by introducing them into a Torah lifestyle.

Rescuing kids from places like Jenin or Gaza would be something we’d like to see more of, although its not really known how well they do this kind of thing successfully, especially as this group see themselves as self appointed religious police, they got one of their members killed in the past who had served 18 months in jail.

Just over a week ago, well known chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef had passed away.   Yad L’Achim brought some kids to his house as per this article:-

ovadia yosefs house

Now is this really a sensible idea to put the Rav’s address on the internet?

ovadia yosef attempted murder

A Wikipedia article on Rabbi Ovadia says he had an attempted assassination some years back.

We want to see Jewish children taken away from violent and dangerous Arab neighborhoods, but rescuing children from abused families should be done by the police and this group is grossly irresponsible with publishing details like this.