Avraham Bitkin, Yad Lachim web site admin, psychologist, master of disguise and 770 missionary

Yad Lachim’s web site is registered to one of their staff Avraham Bitkin, the Rosh Pina Project provided a scoop on this two years ago, that he is a follower of the Chabad Rebbe.

Like his colleagues Binyamin Klugger and Meir Cohen, they are all fans of the Menachem Shneerson, the 770 rabbi who many of the Chabad think is the Messiah, although create hysteria that any Jew who believes in Jesus is a traitor.

Bitkin works as a psychologist for the Haredi community, here is a clip from his blog:

Here is that magic 770 number again!!!


Just like Alex Artovsky, he likes dressing up.  This photo we found on the left we think is Yad Lachim members swapping their Chassidic garb for disguises looking for folks they consider missionaries at a New Age festival in either Tel Aviv or Eilat.

Incidently the address ‘Derech Menachem Begin 125’ that the web site is registered to is where the Ministry of Interior in Tel Aviv is!!!    We really need Yad Lachim to stay away from government operations!!  ***

*** Update, it seems a lot of other businesses use the Ministry of Interior address as registered address including a Tel Aviv sex shop, this is probably the fault of the internet provider who sold them the domain name.   We discovered this when we Googled for this address above, so may not be anything untoward, just a bit embarassing!!!


Member of a Yad Lachim Facebook group offers help in hacking accounts

http://tinyurl.com/8tplvfk http://tinyurl.com/9rt6qqq

Actually its a download of a tool that is supposedly gets into other people’s accounts.

Looking at this profile, all there is, is a name “Hakuna Matata

This is a Swalhili word for ‘no problem’   Wiki article here.

Jack Teitel’s wife arrested

In Arutz 7 today:-

Rivka Teitel, British born wife of Jack Teitel was arrested, questioned and released.


Teitel had confessed to attempted murder of Messianic Jewish teenager, and has been awaiting trial since 2009.   Teitel has long been rumoured to have connections to Yad Lachim.

Update: in a seperate article, they also searched his house also: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/252472#.UIWJV4bwpxI

Antimissionary activitist speaks about the 1980s in Yad L’Achim

This time focus is on JewishIsrael.com web site, an underground network of antimissionary activists we touched on previously.

This fellow admits to be a staff member of Yad Lachim in the 1980s

We really like Messianic Jewish author and speaker Dr Michael Brown’s radio show and debates, he explains complex theological things to a wide audience and enjoys discussing with folks on completely opposite views to him, in a manner polite and respectful.

So its ironic that Mr Friedman has to work undercover there,

Its ironic that if you are teacher of converts to Judaism then you don’t use the “M” word!   🙂

Incidentally Yehoshua seems to celebrate the death of a Jews for Jesus member and exclaimed ‘he is boiling in excrement’.    What dreadful behaviour, this man and Jewish Israel project and Yad Lachim are no friend of the Jewish people.

Yad Lachim less than honest on their legal 990 paperwork in the US

This document was recently made public showing financial statistics for 2010-2011.


Theres a few signs of dishonesty that the way Yad Lachim filled in this important 990 form

Lobbying activities?   yep stirring up trouble outside a community of Messianic Jews in Ashdod springs to mind.


Wow as far as lies go, this is something of a whopper.

Here’s a quick photo of Yad Lachim’s Haifa office, their HQ is in Benei Barach, also in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya and possibly Kiryat Shmona.   That’s an awfully big oversight!!