The Jewish Defense League are no friends of Jews

Guest post by Robert Cohen

A little off topic, but this disturbing post caught my eye a month ago;

jdl idiot2

jdl idiot1

Wonder if his employer is aware of this post?

We think these people ought to have some kind of announcement distancing yourselves from this kind of thing don’t you think?

Parents, keep your kids away from these people please….

Update: we did some more research….

Uh oh, check out the Antidefamation league’s article on these people here:

The Ethiopian Jews have enough troubles from their own nation without more filth like this.   We want the Israeli government to get them all over here and seem them prosper.

Of course we would like to think that racism is a rarity amongst Jews compared Islamic society, but lets not give the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people more reasons to hate us.

Love Israel, love the Jews, love Zionism, hate racism.   Shabbat Shalom everyone.

Lawsuit filed by Yad L’Achim against Israel Army Radio for refusing to air anti-missionary ad

This week in Caspari center, Media Review
In this two-page article, Zofnat Nordman discusses the lawsuit filed by  Yad L’Achim against Israel Army Radio for refusing to air one of its  anti-missionary ads in 2010. The ad in question ran thus: “Soul! Don’t  let your soul be deceived! Missionaries are operating throughout the  country during the holiday season with the intention of causing you to  convert. Don’t be tempted! Hold on to your Jewish identity with pride!  For more information – Yad L’Achim.” Israel Army Radio refused to air  the ad on the grounds that “Yad L’Achim’s activities and ideology are  seen as controversial by the general public and the ad is offensive to a portion of the population.”

The lawyer representing Yad L’Achim responded by saying that “all through  the exile Jews were forced – sometimes through torture – to convert to  Christianity. Other Jews, including entire communities, forfeited their  lives by refusing to convert. How can it not be permitted, in the State  of Israel, to air an ad that warns against missionary activity?” A  spokesperson for Yad L’Achim further explained to Nordman that “Christian mission is based on deceit. Its emissaries do not present  themselves as Christian but as Messianic Jews, who represent a Judaism  that believes in Jesus as the Messiah. Those ‘Messianic Jews’ hide their connection to a sub-stream of Protestant Christianity. Some of the  leaders of the Messianic congregations have been ordained, some are  Gentiles, and some are converted Jews.” Though their behavior is Jewish, “their theology is Christian.” When Yad L’Achim’s ad was rejected, they took their case to Israel’s Supreme Court.

 Nordman explains that at the heart of this case is a clash of worldviews, “a  clash of values that goes to the very core of what it means for Israel  to be both a Jewish and democratic state. Those clashing values give  substance to the main issue in this case – ‘a matter that is  ideologically controversial.’” This is why Israel’s Supreme Court is not in a hurry to settle the case – because it means settling “questions of value that touch on Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic  nation.”

Peter’s response; well if they ban all types of missionary work, this would be a huge problem for religious freedom in Israel.

camper jews at Kotel

chabad camper fbTake a look at this, these are ‘Mitzvah tanks’ a religious motor caravan are used by the Chabad Lubavitch movement encourage secular Jews to become observant, but everyone knows that this is a type of evangelism, and members and supporters of Yad L’Achim are followers of the Rebbe.  The vans all have stickers on the front of the Rebbe and large decals of him on the side.

Here is their Facebook group:-     Amazing that these vans just about fit to drive through the Dung Gate in Jerusalem!!

As mentioned before, a law on no proselytizing would be ridiculous and in contrary to the democratic nature of Israel.   We know many Jewish people who came to Israel to escape the former USSR to get away from religious persecution, we hope people can realize this blog shows Yad L’Achim are an extremist group.

Top job to Israel Army Radio to stand strong against this mob gang.

Yad L’Achim bring youth to protest against Messianic congregations

yad lads in tel aviv

Its Binyamin Klugger and Meir Cohen up to their usual stalking tricks.

Here below from their Russian language Facebook group, they claim most of the people in the Messianic congregation are youth, and therefore send out invites to 1,200 supporters of Yad L’Achim, 100 turn up to help also mostly young people.

yl youth1

This sign post is a good idea, it should be labeled as following:-

< Follow a New York 770 Rabbi Messiah in $100k camper vans, cause riots and arson, delinquency under a religious facade, put up posters in public of people’s faces and names, stalk people, etc.

< Do whatever.

> Follow G-d and true Torah, follow the Messiah of Israel, forgiveness, goodness, gentleness and self control, serve Israel army and be peaceful, be a good example to others.

I pray and hope young Jews who take an interest with Yad L’Achim follow the right path.

Leah Ortiz’s blog update

teitel arrestedSome news on the blog of Leah Ortiz, mother of Ami, a young man from a Messianic family who was seriously injured from a bomb from a Yad L’Achim member Jack Teitel who faces jail for murder and attempted murder.

Kiryat Gat Messianic congregation building in arson attack

This week a messianic congregation in Kiryat Gat was burned down deliberately:

We pray that this community will be able to still meet, and they get their equipment replaced in Kiryat Gat.   Make sure you get a good security camera system guys.

This act of criminal damage maliciously aimed at the Messianic Jewish community and strangely didn’t seem to get picked up by the mainstream Israeli media 😦   Sadly this is not the first time that arson has happened on buildings and cars owned by Messianic Jews.

Suspected killer Jack Teitel found guilty

teitel arrested

Good news for the results of a very long pending trial of this dangerous criminal, Teitel will face bars for attempted murder of messianic teen Ami Ortiz, as well murder of Arabs and sending a bomb to a Israeli professor.

Jack Teitel also known as Yaakov Tytell is an American born religious Jew and confessed to these crimes, but was found not to be mentally ill, he was also a member of Yad L’Achim for 5 years, although deny this here from a statement from the late Rav Dov Lifshitz, a few years ago was the then chairman of Yad L’Achim.

Chess club in Arad under pressure from Yad L’Achim

This week Yad L’Achim boast that the chess club in Arad have closed down.

source:- (link in Hebrew)

The club provides a social hub for the people of Arad which include a lot of Russian immigrants, and the chess club was burnt down, the husband of couple was racially abused.    At a later date it seems harassment became so great that the American Christian man got into a few fights with some of the Gur Hassidim, a group of ultra orthodox Jews who ganged up on this community.

There has been reports that a religious Jewish activist was knocked down by a car, and fights broke out.    Myself Peter Johnson and our writing team are totally against any violent behavior, but we think both were at fault here.

We ask you to join us and belivers will reach out to the needs of Arad’s poor and needy, and have the right heart to serve there.

Update: this club has not shut, just moved, although their web site has been quiet for a long time now.