Lev Lachim’s crazy lottery

The other not quite so well known antimissionary brothers Lev Lachim, are on a fund raising campaign – is it a lottery? a frequent flier scheme?  who knows!

Looks like we are not the only ones a bit baffled.  Heck, Rabbi Uzi Zohar might want do his logo and text without stretching it so it gets all blocky, and make it clear what kind of offer it is.

Original link here.  We guess that the people listed here have been ‘tagged spammed’ rather actually involved with this dubious operation.

Rasing money for food and clothing is never a bad thing, as long as any fund raising is done honestly and transparently, and not used for criminal activity like their similar sounding brothers.  It would appear each ticket for this promotion is $256, rather steep – making Yad Lachim’s $180 to pray for your family looking not so bad…

Shabbat Shalom folks…

More on Scientology and criminal underworld

Following on from yesterday’s article – Scientology church re-births in Jaffa

On this second part item on the re-launch of the Scientology church in Jaffa, we will make one thing clear, like Yad Lachim, we don’t like Scientology either.

There must be enough information on their shady operations to fill plenty of dedicated blogs, so we will just touch on a little bit.  http://www.xenu.net/ is a good starting point to study on one of the weirdest religious groups ever.

In 2010, the Scientologist church burnt down, according to Haaretz newspaper:-


It seemed then this group was unpopular by Jews and Arabs alike.

Like Yad Lachim, the Scientologists made some bad choices on lawyers.    Let us introduce you to Gur Finkelstein, this article from 19th May 2011, a Tel Aviv lawyer who allegedly paid a gang 120,000 NIS to murder his ex-wife’s new lover.    They blew up a car with the driver and his 4 year old daughter hurt but recovered.



The same article mentions that Finkelstein got this gang to cause harm to Tel Aviv building inspector Shoter Hovel when they found out the Scientology church  renovation had violated building regulations.   It is also thought he arranged burning down of the Scientology church later to gain more commision in construction work!!

Wikipedia article (Hebrew) on Gur Finkelstein in http://tinyurl.com/8ga3la5

Scientology church re-births in Jaffa…

The Scientology church has rebirthed in Jaffa!!


The renovated theatre built in 1937 was recently, but burnt down in 2010.

One of our team visited there, and Yad Lachim‘s Jaffa office earlier this year.  https://yadlachimwatch.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/cults-vs-cults-in-jaffa/

The Scientology church has always been strange and wrapped in controversy, with its founder L Ron Hubbard’s science fiction influenced theology, electronic meters devices to measure your “Thetan”? level, celebraties involved with short lived marriages and stalking of ex-members.

Tomorrow we will reveal some even stranger things going on there in this old cinema building in Sderot Yerushalym, Jaffa.

Yad Lachim field activist said sorry to Messianic Jews

Old newsletter (date unknown) from Dugit ministry in Tel Aviv:- http://www.members.tripod.com/Dugit/

To all our Prayer Partners,

Shalom and Blessings from Tel Aviv!

G., a Russian-Jewish man who came to the Lord through an outreach that we had (for those who do not know, he was an alcoholic and searching for the Messiah, who found his Messiah in Dugit) is doing wonderful, and growing in the Lord. He is an inspiration to us all. He comes to home group and is actively involved in our congregation Adonai Roi. He is so hungry for God that he is growing intellectually and spiritually in The Word. He witnesses about the Messiah at his job, and gives his testimony of his born again experience and life changing encounter with Yeshua the Messiah.

Following up on the two Orthodox girls from _________ that came to know the Messiah at  Dugit; They have come and visited us again and told us how they were reading The New Testament Scriptures and other books we gave them in secret under their beds at night.   Please pray for their protection and continued strength.

We had a divine appointment phone call. One night we received a phone call from a gentleman named R. who lives in Jerusalem. He wanted somebody to pray with. He has been reading the Tenach (Old Testament) and seeing revelations of the Messiah from the Holy Scriptures. We prayed that he would have perfect peace. While praying with him on the phone he said that he wanted more. He wanted to receive Yeshua as his Messiah, and he prayed the prayer of salvation. He called up the next day and was very eager to speak with us again. We encouraged him, prayed with him, and invited him to come visit with us. Please pray in God’s Perfect Timing that he will feel comfortable enough to grow in a congregation and be discipled.

A. (a man from seven generations of rabbis) continues to come and visit us. He is such a gentle and sweet man, and it is an honor and privilege to know that he feels so comfortable every time he comes.

What the Enemy tries to use for evil, God will turn for good. Recently one of the young Orthodox men from Yad Lachim (Anti-Missionary) spoke profanity at some of the women that are volunteers at Dugit. The next day, he was out there with two Orthodox women, one of which was a new comer. We went out to converse with the religious women. They commented to us that they have always been shown respect and kindness when they stand in front of Dugit handing out their leaflets. We got to talking about what had happened the previous day with the young man. The women were very upset with him, and immediately corrected him, and said they were going to go to the rabbi. The next day, the young man apologized to the ladies he spoke to. “Let your light so shine among men, that they see your good works and glorify the father in heaven”. By their own admittance, our treating them with kindness and respect, speaks volumes to them.

Thank you for your prayers, as you can see they are bearing fruit!

Please pray for the Yad Lachim members who continue to stand outside, that their hearts would be touched and opened, and that they would come to know the Messiah. They continue to rotate their people that stand outside. They are doing this because of their concern of our influence and the example that we are to them. This gives us a greater opportunity for us to pray for more Orthodox Jews to come to faith. Please stand in the gap with us. Please pray specifically that the Orthodox will see Yeshua the Messiah in the scriptures as they read and study them.

Luke 24:44-46

“Then he said, ‘When I was with you, don’t you remember my telling you that every thing written about me in the Law of Moses and the prophets and in the Psalms must all come true.’ Then he opened their minds that they would understand these scriptures.”

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Shalom, Shalom,

The Dugit Staff

NB: Recently it seems Dugit is back in Yad Lachim’s sights though, accusing them of something untoward the police – many churches and religious social groups offer free beverages to anyone!!    (Blurring of text is YL’s work.)   We hope this above example had a last affect on the man that was rude to the women at the congregation in Tel Aviv though.   Dugit is totally right, we should pray for those who hate us.

New persecution at an Ashdod Messianic congregation

A reader submitted this to us on 23/8/12:-

Report on acts of religious persecution in Ashdod Messianic congregation.

Our Congregation has recently been experiencing a series of disturbances by members of the Ultra-Orthodox community in our city who have been gathering in front of the congregational building. These individuals have been blocking the entrance to the building, spitting at people, scaring away children, and shouting offensive words at those attending the meeting such as “go back to Russia”, and “You steal souls”. They have also been videotaping the members of the congregation, and thus violating the law regarding the right to privacy.

We covered the pictures ourselves. These people are having their privacy violated with details put on posters around the town, a common practice seen with opponents of Messianic congregations elsewhere in the country.   “CAUTION!   ________  Street – Live ______  Missionaries  Main Jewish sect uniform Hmdihiim Hmtbilim Jews to Christianity”

On August 14th an article appeared on channel 9 (the Russian Channel) titled “Brothers in Messiah. Who and how do we need to deal with the Missionary organizations working in Israel”. In this article the host of the show called viewers and asked them the following question: “Do you think that we need to fight against Christian Missionaries?”. The item also showed a clip of the Ashdod chief Rabbi who said “As the one responsible for our city Ashdod, I will fight in any way possible to drive out missionaries from the city, so our city will remain a pure city of Jews only”

The following day (on the 15th of August 2012) Ashdod was flooded with banners displaying pictures of the congregational leaders under the title “Caution Missionaries”

We have filed a complaint with the police on the 16th of August.

Benny Vulcan the antimissionary stir up protestor

Looking at our archives, 28 year old senior antimissionary activist Benny Vulcan is often driving force in getting folks from the Ultra Orthodox community to rally against Messianic Jews who just want to quietly worship in their congregation without fuss or bother.

We found evidence that in fact Vulcan admits so on his Facebook:-

In fact the Rosh Pina Project blog have a video from a short while later, April 2011 and some details of what’s probably the same rally in Ashdod that Vulcan is trying to stir his pals to get involved.   The Messianic Jew with grey hair in the video is also the same chap Vulcan assaulted outside a hotel we published earlier.

Probably the biggest rally Yad Lachim have organised back in February 2011, here they intimidated the people of Ashdod, Messianic Jews and ordinary Israelis.

More problems for Messianic Believers in Ashdod will be published tomorrow.

Antimissionary blogger Esser Agaroth thinks Jews that marry Filipinos are “disgusting and evil”

Israel has a good sized minority of Asian immigrants from the Philipines who work in the elderly care and nursing sector.   They are hard working, polite and do a thankless job for a low salary and unsocialable hours.   Many of them do live in with holocaust survivors.    All of them we are aware are legally here with a visa allowing them work in this Israel as they do a job many people don’t want to do.

There is maybe at least two churches made of Christian Filipino workers in I think Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, most probably in their language, so hardly a basis for any form of missionary work by suspicious members of the frum.

This blog post by Esser Agaroth is a warning about Jewish women dating Arabs and Muslim men.   We think its a sensible comment that the two may not be a wise choice for women intending to stay Jewish.


The same author of this blog, makes a comment at the bottom that gives us some concern though:


Shows that he is quite an unpleasant character, big follower of Yad Lachim and other antimissionary and Christian hating creeps.

As fellow Zionists in the Jewish state, this blogger is a bigot and an embarrassment.

You can read here about his spying on Messianic Jews and Christians on his writings also.   The only “missionary” activity these people had done is a wear a Tshirt about Yeshua in public and a group of Korean Christians who do worship songs on Ben Yehuda Street faithfully every weekend without troubling anyone.   He seems particularly interested in annoying people  quietly reading their own religious material also.