Yad L’Achim’s magic 770 cell phone numbers

Another gem from Yad L’Achim’s youtube work:-

yad 770 magic no

rebbe dudeAwesome!  We wonder how easy is it to get a custom cell phone number with the door number of “770” to promote your favorite New York Messiah even though you make your business out of stopping ‘missionary’ work?

Yad L’Achim’s Klugger and Christmas

We wouldn’t expect Jewish friends to take much interest in Christmas,

klugger xmas1The IDF do a nice gesture to Christians and publish a Merry Christmas and Yad L’Achim get their knickers in a twist, in particular our Franco-Israeli Jewish convert Binyamin Klugger, super undercover [kinda] antimissionary agent;

Please excuse my (the) French…

klugger xmas3

Dunno why someone felt the need to convert it to Russian?

Hold on what this we remember he said in an interview with Jpost?

klugger xmas2

source: http://www.religionnewsblog.com/11108/a-matter-of-faith

Oh dear, tangerines, nuts, Christmas pudding, yeah they can be a real temptation sometimes….

More on Klugger here, getting arrested for criminal damage, photographs himself in handcuffs, pretends to quit antimissionary work, sneaks into Christian events, he’s a real character…

What do different authorities think of Yad L’achim?

P1060468Yad L’achim put up posters showing different Israelis people in the media being unkind to Messianic Jews.

Whats the thoughts of different organizations on Yad L’achim though?

US Department of State

International Religious Freedom Report 2009 Report October 26, 2009

The Messianic Jewish and Jehovah’s Witnesses communities, among others, accused groups such as Yad L’Achim and Lev L’Achim, and Jewish religious organizations opposed to missionary activity, of harassing and occasionally assaulting their members. According to Yad L’Achim’s annual report for 2008, quoted in the newspaper Yom L’Yom, the organization “saved 174 souls from the clutches of the mission” during the year. The organization’s semi-clandestine Counter-Missionary Department, headed by Rabbi Alex Artovski, also claimed to have dozens of informants and infiltrators in the Government and in Christian or Messianic Jewish congregations, enabling the organization to force the closure of 18 religious meeting places and expel 12 “top-ranking” missionaries from the country during 2008. According to JIJ attorneys and representatives of affected religious communities, Yad L’Achim succeeded in such activities by pressuring landlords, employers and Interior Ministry officials to assist its campaign against groups it deemed “dangerous cults.”

Despite harassment, the number of Messianic Jews and evangelical Christians has grown in recent years through both immigration and conversion. During the reporting period, however, increased press reporting and complaints from religious freedom activists indicated a corresponding increase in Yad L’achim and associated activism, and a growing wider backlash against the presence of evangelical Christian or Messianic Jewish congregations and missionaries living in Jewish communities. Exacerbating these tensions was the widespread but false belief that proselytizing is illegal in the country.


The ADL – Anti defamation league

ADL Condemns Leaflet Forbidding Renting Apartments to Arabs

Jerusalem, October 30, 2006 …  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) strongly condemned a call signed by Ashdod rabbis forbidding Jews from renting apartments to Arabs or foreign workers. The call was made in a leaflet distributed by the organization Yad l’Achim and signed by well-known rabbis in the city.

ADL’s Israel office issued the following statement:

We deplore such bigotry in the strongest terms. Such discriminatory appeals are a terrible offense against Jewish teaching and a stain on the name of the Jewish people. Such conduct toward Jews anywhere in the world would not be tolerated and such conduct toward non-Jews must also not be tolerated in the Jewish state.

The call to residents of the city to discriminate against Arabs and foreign workers is not only incompatible with Israeli democratic law and we call upon the authorities to investigate this so-called ultra-Orthodox organization.

This is not the first time that Yad l’Achim has issued racist statements. In the past they have intimidated and harassed members of Jehovah’s Witnesses and others. The ADL in Israel urges the authorities to call the Rabbis of Ashdod who signed off on this appeal to order accordingly.


Jerusalem Post

From interview:-

“Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifschitz, told me: “When we find out about a missionary, we’ll publicize his identity on posters, newspaper ads, by word of mouth. We don’t even have to phone up his place of work – a lot of Jewish employers don’t want to be involved with pictures of messianics in ashdodmissionaries… So seeing an ad in the newspaper is enough for [the employer] to fire him. But not all employers will do this.”


Poster on the right typical of Yad L’achim activities exposing name and addresses of people they decide to harrass, here there is no name of who published it.   This one circulated around the Ashdod area in October/November 2012.

December poster campaign

We spotted a lot of these new posters in the last week:-

yl dec12 poster

These posters announces an event about women rescued from Arab husbands that have been abused by Yad Lachim’s women rescue department.

We haven’t made up our minds if these rescue missions from Arab communities are real or not.   There are some evidence that Yad Lachim actually kidnap Jewish women purely because families don’t agree with their choice of husband and no abuse has happened, and mixed Jewish/Arab families are being purposely broken up. 😦

Such an exciting sounding story is likely to pull on the heartstrings of Jewish people to provide finances rolling in.   Where as last year it was a pay for prayer event.

I’d love to see Jewish women resecued too from abusive situations, but we would rather professionals were involved, ie: the police not some vigilante group with a reputation for bullying people from different religious backgrounds….

Yad Lachim invite Messianic Jews to have coffee!!

I’m sure this sounds like an exciting opportunity for conversation on theological matters in an adult fashion, especially as Yad Lachim do activities such as:-

….set up a rally and preach an inciteful message to hundreds of Orthodox to intimidate the small Messianic community in Ashdod, Benny Vulcan asked his mates to help out on Facebook….

….sneakily film Messianic youth who are doing worship in a tent at an away event, out not bothering anyone….

pictures of messianics in ashdod

…..signs put up in areas to scare people with photos of Messianic believers, their names and sometimes addresses too.   This new poster they publicised from their friends at Xmessianic who have slightly edited it to distort the faces, it similar to posters that have been up before though.

Well – no sugar please.

G-d bless the Jewish people and Israel, but Yad Lachim need to stop the religious stalking and bullying nonsense.

Update: missing picture fixed.

Poster wars, missionaries, antimissionaries and hypocrasy

In recent weeks there has been some Messianic Jews putting up posters about Isaiah 53 to advertise their web site which is www.love-53.com

Is this missionary work?  Well yes of course, one of the great things about Israel’s democratic society is that Jews can follow their own beliefs here.    Except for a group that were allegedly previous Messianic, Xmessianic.co.il and religious stalkers Yad Lachim of course.

rival posters  P1060407

Left: messianic and anti-missionary posters have been spotted at the same time, often the ‘Love-53.com’ posters get torn down, but get replaced swiftly.

P1060466  P1060468

The left hand poster with big red title hysterically screams missionaries are coming to get your children, the right hand one shows some Israeli celebrities saying Messianic Jews are not real Jews but Christians.    Actually Messianic Jews can have kippur and tzizit and differing amounts of observance, yes they worship the same Messiah as Christians but preserve their identity as Jews, especially as Jesus and the first generations of Christians were all Jews, even though sadly through history theres been notable examples of hatred to Jews from people that called themselves Christian.

he was despised and rejected by all people

This red poster from earlier this year here explains “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering” which is also from Isaiah 53, which (sic) has had the edge torn off.

But Yad Lachim and their Chabad owned religious owners are big fans of missionary work by posters too:-

P1060272  P1060271

These pictures of the Rebbe (Menachim Shneerson, who died in 1994 and some Jews from the Chabad movement think is the Messiah) are everywhere in Jerusalem!   But particularly popular all over the main vegetable market, the Hebrew caption clearly shows the iconic Chabad Rebbe as the Messiah although he never visited Israel, which is a prophetically a crucially important part of requirement for Jewish Messiah.

Yad Lachim save Jews from the mission but actually want to spread their own mission themselves.   More articles will be added soon about Yad Lachim’s Chabad and 770 Rebbe connections soon.

Shame they can’t offer some snippets of encouraging scripture that appeal to the broad Israeli public.   We hope Israelis will seek and pray to their Father who loves them if they get inspired by messages on street corners.