Tablet Magazine’s detailed background on Yaakov Teitel

Seems criminals life stories always make fascinating reading regardless of how wicked they were.

This article has detailed background on Yaakov Teitel as spoken by his friend and neighbor.

A reminder, Yad Lachim officially say he has nothing to do with them, despite the Teitel was a volunteer with them for 5 years.

The late Dov Lifshitz founder of Yad Lachim from Haaretz:-

Here is the official recruitment page for Yad Lachim, it would be certainly interesting to know how the hiring process works, and how they check the background of potential recruits.

This part from David Ortiz who is the father of terror survivor victim says:

“Contrary to reports from the police and Shin Bet, David Ortiz believes Tytell is a professional assassin, working for a group. He even believes that Tytell’s trademark, the “V” sign for victory, is a signal to his followers, which says, “Continue without me.”

We thought something was a miss with the mysterious V symbol also done by Binyamin Klugger back in May.


Yad L’Achim thugs assault Messianic Jew outside Tel Aviv hotel

Here Yad L’Achim have attacked a Messianic Jew outside a hotel:

Seems they are trying to minipulate the images into he attacking them.    The young religious guy with the curls appears to be Benny Vulcan, and trying to use these images as a trophy on their Facebook page to get the impression they were attacked, as you can see from Yad L’Achim activist Binyamin Klugger.

Benny has been in trouble with the law before as per our previous article.

Meet Jewish missionary and Yad Lachim fan Asher Meza

This is Asher Meza, (seems his name was originally George Meza) he is 33, lives in Colorado is of hispanic background and a convert to  Judaism from Christianity.

He works in IT and is the owner of several web sites, including and many others!!

Asher is a fire arms advocate, which caused a stir and got the attention of the Richmond Times here:

As well as a friend of Yad Lachim, hes also a missionary, and makes a lot of Youtube videos like this one above.  Unlike most of YL though, he greatly dislikes Chabad and labelling Rev Shneerson as the Moshiach according to the many videos on his Facebook page.

This old article for Rosh Pina Project shows that Asher has been following Yad Lachim and also likes to do boxing as a hobby.   He is quoted as saying:- “My greatest pleasure is to see Christians leave Christianity & become full kosher Torah Jews”

We like that fact that Asher is upfront about the fact he converted and he openly missionizes, when Yad Lachim will categorically deny but promotes Messianism through Chabad.   We will leave you with this picture from his Facebook which we thought was interesting:-

Israel is democratic for religious equality

Recently there has been controversy regarding a member of the Knesset ripping up a New Testament on video.

From Hebrew speaking Messianic Jewish web site iGod’s Facebook update:-

translated; words of David Ben Gurion

Of the Declaration of Independence: “The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and the ingathering of exiles; foster the development of the country for all its inhabitants; based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; uphold the full social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex ; guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; safeguard the Holy Places of all religions “

We think ripping up religious books is poor show, even if you don’t agree with it.

Motorcycle countermissionaries for Yad Lachim

Interesting video from some missionaries out in Tel Aviv;

Some colorful language here.

Note: we took a closer look at this dude on the moped which has stickers of the Rebbe Schneerson (thought to be Moshiach by Chabad movement)     Hence forth, another confirmation, that many of Yad Lachim are in fact Missionaries of a rival kind!!

Full article at:

Thanks to Sean Trank for this.