Who is Yad L’achim’s partnering anti cult expert Rick Ross accountable to?

Four years ago well known Yad L’Achim operative Binyamin Klugger went to China to help out at an anti cult convention.    At this time Klugger was working for the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv.

yl rickrossArutz Sheva February 2 2009

Who is Rick Ross then?

Well Wikipedia says he has a criminal record for burglary and robbing a jeweler’s store and numerous lawsuits on him.

This article from the UK Guardian newspaper (although admittedly has very poor coverage of matters on Israel) mentions about Mr Ross’s unusual practices for ‘deprogramming’ people from cults at $5000 a time.


So who do anticult specialists become accountable too?

Strangely for Yad L’Achim, a working relationship with Rick Ross might be a little bit of a contradiction.

rickross and chabadSource: Las Vegas Sun August 24 2001

It should be noted that former Yad L’Achim anti missionary activist Alex Artovsky is involved in teaching Kabbalah.

Mr Ross back in 2001 deemed a Las Vegas branch of the Chabad Lubavitch as a cult group, which as regular readers may know that Klugger, several other members of Yad L’Achim and other antimissionary groups have been sighted as associated with them and their obsession with number 770, which is the house number of the New York.

Some how I think Klugger and the Yad Lads have not stayed in touch with Rick Ross recently.

We do know that a variety of cults do exist in Israel, the Scientologists we particularly aren’t fond of, which we wrote sometime back.  You can see all kinds of new age practices in downtown Tel Aviv.    It’s obvious there is a need for Moshaich to come as people are trying to find him in the wrong places.

We pray the Jewish people will find fulfillment from Torah and will call on HaShem.


Why Jews are leaving the ‘Jews for Judaism’ movement

A lady associated with well known anti-missionary group ‘Jews for Judaism’ leaves the group to find Yeshua!!

This was broadcast on 11 July 2013 on the popular Messianic Line of Fire Podcast with Dr Michael Brown.



ex-antimissionary.   That’s a word I want to see more of.    We want to see Jewish people discover their true Messiah and embrace their calling as Jews to be a Light to the Nations.

Baruch HaShem!! blessings to you with your work in Nigeria Joanne!!!

Messianic Jews in Israel tweet pics of an unruly Yad L’Achim crowd outside

Looks like Yad L’Achim’s junior recruits are in Tel Aviv this time.

Make no mistake, don’t be deceived that this group are there to defend Jewish beliefs and practices – they are a bunch of bullies in Chassidic clothing.

The last sighting of this group, they were just handing out magazines in Jerusalem when there was Messianic children were around, which legally questionable.    The magazine we covered recently.

yad stalk in tel avivMembers of this group should be reported to the police and there should be a restraining order against them.

Lets get the religious-clad delinquents Yad L’Achim closed down for good, and the staff given a decent honest job in Jewish society.