Jpost: Yad L’achim supporter and suspected murderer Yaakov Teitel in court soon again

It seems at the moment he is just being tried mostly for the murder of Palestinians currently.

Palestinian taxi driver Samir Balbisi was murdered in 1997 was picked up by Teitel at the Damscus gate shown here above.

The date of the trial is 28th June 2012, which happens to be 45 years to the day since East Jerusalem was annexed after the Six Day War.

An update has been put on the blog of the mother of Ami Ortiz, whose family was thought to be targetted by Teitel.

We think that Israel normally does well in its court cases, as its the only democracy in the middle east, but we pray justice will be done and the Tietel will be in the slammer for life, along with adequate sentencing for anyone abetting him.

Did Yad Lachim take children away from a Christian or Messianic family?

This sounds very distressing:

Obviously we used Google translator on this, but did Yad Lachim take children away from a Christian or Messianic family???

Heres the original Hebrew story from 2004 if anyone wants to tell us anything else here.


Diagrams from mind of a killer in Samaria

Interesting profile of Jack Yaakov Teitel, and sketches of attacks devised.

By the way, Teitel’s official surname is actually Tytell, despite listings via Google and Wikipedia saying otherwise.   At least it was Tytell before he moved from the US to Israel.

This site shows diagrams on bomb he sent to the Ortiz family, and a device placed under a police car.   He has poor knowledge of Hebrew.,7340,L-3828269,00.html

The Shin Bet say he was working alone, however this is contradiction to what the Ortiz family say was on the video security system, the plot thickens….

Missionaries are religious bogeymen! warning posters around Jerusalem

Yad Lachim put up posters in public places in Israel, to warn the public that ‘missionaries’ are their enemy.   These appear on bill boards around Israel but often around October where there Christians visiting around the Feast of Tabernacles event.

Y-L’s definition of missionary, is any Jew or gentile who believes in Jesus who doesn’t keep their beliefs strictly private.

Yaakov Teitel possibly not alone in murder attempt

In this article, its thought that Orthodox Jewish attempted murder suspect did not carry out his attack on the Messianic family alone, but there were two people in the car:-

This is the town of Ariel in Samaria where Ami Ortiz was critically injured, close by just 22km is where Yaakov Teitel lived.

Shvut Rachel is where Teitel lived, Ariel is where the Ortiz family live and had the attack, Shilo is a famous biblical town where there was a Palestinian attack on a local Rabbi and his son there in the early 2000s.

As you can see all of these are not very big, it should be easy to visit and question shops and local businesses.   We hope this police can make some progress with this soon….

Antimissionaries visit to the Christian Embassy Feast of Tabernacles

We came across this article from Wikileaks about Yad Lachim visiting the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem each October.

A lone Orthodox Jew walks into the largest Christian event of the year and admits to looking for what Yad Lachim describe as Missionary activity.

Its well known Yad Lachim frontman Benjamin Klugger again, the pic is not good enough resolution to see Mr Klugger’s badge.   Of course, he might be using another identity perhaps like he did before HERE.

Well known Messianic Jewish blog Rosh Pina Project also covered this and hes not representing any stand thats there, but also seen by other folks.

Now, we like Malcom Hedding (who has now retired) and the works of the Christian Embassy and we have been to a few of the Feast of Tabernacle main worship events.    We think the ICEJ folks think he is just a regular Haredim gent, or were just too embarassed to not say hello or have them asked to leave.

The brown and orange brochure looks familiar, it might well be the Hebrew Handel’s Messiah event which is organized by King of King’s Congregation in Jerusalem.   We are wondering about the flag.

The Embassy has criticised Yad Lachim and its practices though, like this article:-

Original article here:-

Also more here:

We hope that they keep an eye out for any antimissionaries who go in undercover or with chutzpah to just stroll in!!

We also like to point out this is a great event to go to so don’t want to put people off from going to the Feast of Tabernacles or Jerusalem in general, and we support the great work of the International Christian Embassy does to bless Israel and the Jewish people.   We will have a quiet word with their security people.

Update:   a closer look at Rabbi Klugger’s badge shows the word ‘VENDOR‘ so he is part of a trader attending at the stands here….  It not possible to make out the name on their though…..

$180 to pray for your family

Pay per prayer sounds like something from the prosperity gospel, trying to keep up with Benny Hinn maybe?

Heres the original link here

As it says this donation usses ‘SSL technology’, which means Smucks, Suckers and LOLs to support Yad Lachim’s work of harrasment and criminal activity towards non-Orthodox Jews in Israel!!

We think every decent Jewish, Messianic or Christian worship place would gladly pray for your needs without expecting a financial incentive.

Also related, Yad Lachim on Jewish radio in the US appealing for donations also