Antimissionary activists break Israel employment rules

Yad L’Achim got fined for breaking employment regulations for hiring:-

yl fined heEnglish translation:-

Ad Yad L’Achim organization looking for social workers, and was fined by the Ministry in respect of gender discrimination … what with the Minister of Health?
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Vicky Shanie is usually just the opposite gender discrimination directed against women
17 April at 18:51

Abraham Bitkin really penalized? Give more details please
17 April at 23:47

Binyamin Klugger I spoke with Joseph (CEO), we only alert …. but, no matter, the Minister of Health is not above the law, and should be an example, to ask – actually – a driver, a problem.
18 April at 10:42

Abraham Bitkin Maybe she sexually hurt, you know …
18 April at 12:30

Binyamin Klugger is the religion of feminism
18 April at 12:35