Yad L’Achim and Jews for Jesus on HOT TV

Saw this article today on Israel’s HOT TV channel about Yad L’achim and Jews for Jesus.


We have one quibble with HOT TV, please don’t refer to Jesus or Yeshua as “Yeshu” as this is an insulting manner, the Hebrew meaning ‘may his name be blotted out.’   If you want to aim to impartial, using the correct name of Jesus or Yeshua, thanks.

There is also the usual “Christian missionary” label which is put on anyone Jew or gentile who follows Jesus which also doesn’t seem pleasant.    Not all Jewish followers of Yeshua are confident in sharing their faith, there are many other roles believers need to do like discipleship, worship, teaching and others.

Lehava and Yad L’achim disrupt block Magen David Adom at Jerusalem Christian event

mdaSaturday 11th July 2015: Jewish Extremist Groups Lehava and Yad L’achim Disrupt And Block Magen David Adom (Israel Ambulance & Emergency Service) Blood Drive At Jerusalem Christian Event. On Thursday 9th July 2015 An MDA Blood Drive at The El Av Christian Conference 2015 held at Jerusalem’s OId Train Station was severely disrupted and eventually Blocked by Activists from Jewish Extremist Groups Lehava and Yad L’achim who intruded into the Ambulance Area were shouting and verbally abusing Senior MDA Staff.

At Least Two of the Extremists were arrested by Israeli police for “attacking and disturbing public order,” and another taken away for verbally abusing MDA Staff. The Leader of Lehava, Bentzi Gopstein has previously been arrested by Israeli Police for extremist activities. According to a statement from Lehava itself “dozens of Lehava forcibly broke into a Christian Conference… and blocked the entrance.” As a result of the extremists disruptive activities MDA were only able to raise 11 Blood Donations compared to 46 the next night. MDA stated that each blood Donation saves three lives.