Founder of Yad L’Achim talks about contacts to get him out of being arrested

Either Lifshitz is telling an outrageous lie or, there was already corruption to get him off the hook, after he was arrested several times as highlighted, including the instance in 1964.

Make no mistake, Yad L’Achim seems just as wicked in their tactics almost 50 years ago, as they are now.

Source: Beis Moshiach magazine

Read more here here, this PDF is in our Google documents library.

God bless Israel and the Jewish people, let corrupt groups like this be consigned to history.


Yad Lachim boast turning up suddenly at door of Messianic blogger and change his beliefs

This article Yad Lachim wrote shows they were successful suddenly showing up at a Messianic blogger’s home in Beer Sheva known as Warrior Knight, and getting him to abandon his faith in Yeshua.   You would of though that they would list the URL of this site though if this was such a big trophy win for them?

If you run a blog or web site, bear in mind someone might find out your name, address and phone number by using a free “who is” service to trace the registered owner of that web site domain address.   This is probably how Yad Lachim just got to trace and then turn up one evening at this person’s home.   Knocking on the doors of strangers sounds like another type of missionary work to us!!!

If you are concerned, either contact whoever owns your domain name do get your address records made private which costs a small amount of extra money a year for this service, or if you are not sure how to do this, email us, and we will get a trusted IT specialist we know to help you on how to keep your details safe.

In terms of converting this man to Orthodox Judaism and abandoning his belief in Yeshua, we think that;

1/ It’s a joke, that the man went along with, for a short while, just to make Yad Lachim look silly, or,

2/ He shut the blog down and became a black hat Jew, leaving no trace of previous or current religious preferences.

3/ It’s a complete and total lie, most likely.

After much Google searching, there is no sign of this blog at all.

Have a good Shabbos everyone – Peter

Xmessianic think chickens are Messiah.

Yad Lachim seem quite excited by another article from xmessianic

This is written by well known Orthodox Jew Moshe Shulman who often debates with Messianic Jews.   I have kind of liked Moshe, he seems intelligent and dialogues respectfully.

Here he seems to think that the tradition amongst Chassidic Jews slaughtering chickens at Yom Kippur is taking on a sacrifice as the Jewish messiah though, oh dear how daft are xmessianic to put this on their web site!!! In Hebrew, use Chrome to view this in English.

Xmessianic/Yad Lachim youtube video exposed

The antimissionary web site has an article trying to show Messianic Jews as paranoid and think the Yad Lachim are watching them everywhere.   We aren’t that paranoid, but we have uncovered quite a few snooping around by these naughty people again from Benei Barak!

Watch this video here:-

This video trying to show Messianic Jews in negative light was covered by a regular Israeli radio station, and was done for the site

Who do you think put the video together?

Introducing Meir Cohen of Yad Lachim of course, this chap is busy doing a campaign by driving around in a car draped with “Lost Jews!” stickers and a loud speaker on the roof, warning people of missionaries!!

The same Yad Lachim Subaru Impreza is in a thumbnail in the owner’s Youtube channel as well as using a handle of “Yad770” 770 is a magical number to followers of the Chabad Rebbe Messiah who lived in number 770 in street New York.   This house today is a shrine for those who think Rebbe Schneerson is the Jewish Messiah despite he never came to Israel and died in 1994.

Remember how we mentioned we discovered that many Yad Lachim staff like Binyamin Klugger were actually followers and evangelists of the Chabad rebbe?    So is this guy, or at least someone who runs the Youtube channel!

If you want to promote you own religious system, why not just be grown up and be honest about it to start with rather than go and cause panic and distress in the streets?

Messianic Jews in Beit Shean have their cars set alight by antimissionaries

From 2009, Messianic Jewish family from Beit She’an had their van torched which was parked near a police station, this is the second vehicle destroyed by someone out to hurt them.

from the second link:-

Several months ago another car of theirs was torched and destroyed, said attorney Calev Myers, who is representing the family.

Two weeks before that, the Levine’s 11-year-old daughter was called to the principal’s office at her school and questioned by the city’s chief rabbi about her parents’ activities as Messianic Jews, Myers said.

The Levines were also kicked out of two apartments after their landlords were threatened, and recently a car with loudspeakers on it drove around near their home yelling that missionary Christians should be kicked out of Israel, he said.

This might or might not be the work of an organized antimissionary group, it might be from a handful of isolated criminal activists.   We are willing to bet they have may have been motivated by posters of Messianic Jews which are often put up by groups like Yad L’Achim.

Contacting Messianic believers employers/landlords to get them fired/evicted is a favorite tactic of Yad L’Achim and driving cars around with a loudspeaker spreading slander.

Lets put these criminals out of business for good.

Messianic believers in Jaffa provide challenge to site is an anti-messianic web site (in Hebrew only, so use Chrome browser for simple translation) which is a favourite amongst Yad Lachim staffers who often promote their work in their social media outlets to try and pursuade Jewish people that Yeshua wasn’t the messiah.


Here is a quick snapshot of the xmessianic site.

Just like promotional material that Yad Lachim and the Jewish-Israel project (who aim to get donations from Christians via third party) there is a lot of emphasis on the baptism pictures, historicaly a favourite thing antimissionary operatives sneak in to secretly take photos amongst Messianic Jews that are having a baptism service for new believers.

Here is the xmessianic-fake site from a congregation in Jaffa:-

It aims to counter some of the arguments of the xmessianic site.   Note, to site admins, the layout of the site seems wrong as the edges are cut off.   This happens when we look at the site in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9.   We hope this can grown to better represent how to see how Yeshua fulfilled the scriptures.

We know there are people who have left the faith sadly, as 1 Timothy 4 : 1 explains this would happen.   We know some of the more well known very motivated antimissionary operatives are ex-Christians.

However Xmessianic seems similar to a lot of other anti-Messianic literature which distorts the prophetic words of the bible to hide the fulfillment of these words by Yeshua.   This is because a lot of the antimissionary folks are really trying to win Jews for the Chabad messiah Rebbe Schneerson who completed exactly zero prophetic parts of the Torah and didn’t live in Israel.

Alex Artovsky is the living spirit of the Shul… and the party!!!!!

Here is Alex Artovsky, hes an ex-Russian cop who came to Israel and has a very senior antimissionary role within Yad Lachim.

We think the living spirit of a religious place should be G_d, but each to their own.

Actually, theres more to Yad Lachim‘s most senior and secretive anti-missionary operative – if our sources are correct, Rabbi Artovsky is a bit of a party animal.  Artovsky went to a big Purim event in Kiev, Ukraine.   Its a little hard to identify him, as all our pictures we have he changes his beard frequently.    Wonder what the stick on label is on the vodka?

If its not this fella, then its probably him:-

Talking of beard changes, here’s a bit about his disguises:-

“Artovsky IS in his early forties, but looks older with his long, thick, gray-streaked black beard. A veteran immigrant who was a policeman in the former Soviet Union and then in Hadera, he fills up a room with his booming voice, expansive gestures and loud, joyous laugh. Describing how he enjoys going incognito among missionaries, he pulls his beard this way and that, saying, “Sometimes I’ll go as a hippie, you know?  –

Full images from party in Ukraine here:

Interesting costume choice of some of the folks at this Purim event!!

Not only this, but his buddy Alexander Melamud got into a bit of controvasy with a video he did based on a Lady Gaga song featuring nudity and drug taking.,7340,L-4029344,00.html  Don’t play this at work…