Yad L’Achim on Yaakov Teitel’s jail sentence

What do Yad L’Achim have to say about Teitel’s incarceration?

Antimissionary leader Binyamin Klugger (who comes from a French Catholic background and is a converted Jew) announces this on Facebook:-

kluggers comment on teitel he

kluggers comment on teitel

He puts on a good job to try and show the Yad L’Achim have no part of them, as for comments of his friends and peers, we will leave this for the reader to decide.

See our earlier article:- https://yadlachimwatch.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/tablet-magazines-detailed-background-on-yaakov-teitel/

klugger at 770 in tlv  770 chabad house in tlv

In the mean time Yad L’Achim carry on with harassment and threats at Messianic Jews and Christians, and pretend they are a legitimate religious group providing holy services to Jews in Israel, whilst the the Yad L’Achim go and worship their fake American Moshiach Rebbe, like this mock up of the 770 house, in Kfar Chabad next to Tel Aviv airport.

Yad L’Achim’s only holy work is holy hypocrisy

Yaakov Teitel finally receives prison sentence

teitel arrested

Breaking news:  suspected murderer and attempted murderer Jack Teitel received 2 life sentences and 30 years extra for murder of two Arabs and attempted murder of Messianic Jewish teen Ami Ortiz.


Here’s an earlier article we wrote about Yaakov “Jack” Teitel and his links to Yad L’Achim:- https://yadlachimwatch.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/tablet-magazines-detailed-background-on-yaakov-teitel/

Unlike Palestinian murderers there are no Jewish people celebrating the wicked actions of this man or any streets named after him which is common practice with Islamic terrorism.   We rejoice for justice in Israel this week.  The Ortiz family continue to pray for Teitel’s salvation.

Leah Ortiz’s blog update

teitel arrestedSome news on the blog of Leah Ortiz, mother of Ami, a young man from a Messianic family who was seriously injured from a bomb from a Yad L’Achim member Jack Teitel who faces jail for murder and attempted murder.


Suspected killer Jack Teitel found guilty

teitel arrestedhttp://maozisraelblog.blogspot.co.il/2013/01/justice-at-last-teitel-convicted.html

Good news for the results of a very long pending trial of this dangerous criminal, Teitel will face bars for attempted murder of messianic teen Ami Ortiz, as well murder of Arabs and sending a bomb to a Israeli professor.

Jack Teitel also known as Yaakov Tytell is an American born religious Jew and confessed to these crimes, but was found not to be mentally ill, he was also a member of Yad L’Achim for 5 years, although deny this here from a statement from the late Rav Dov Lifshitz, a few years ago was the then chairman of Yad L’Achim.

Activist group corrects our spelling but doesn’t know who works for them!

We admit our spelling could be better sometimes!! of course Jesus should be Yeshua, not without the A as sometimes done in a derogatory manner.  Here writing in a hurry and copying some paragraphs around resulted in some errors we fixed afterwards.

Drink less or more coffee for New Year, we can’t decide!!

who is david sharon

yl 770But we are still waiting for Yad L’achim to give us an explanation about how they missionize the Jews themselves to 770 Rebbe dude from New York, who we think was a nice gent and a good teacher, but never visited Israel.  Does any of the Chabadnik 770niks ever fancy having a theological debate with Schneerson vs Yeshua?   This is a better way to discuss religious disagreements, not playing pretend Mossad.

Heck, members of their own Facebook group got in a discussion on the Rebbe, until it was quietly removed shortly.

yl david sharon moshiach poster

david sharon yad staff

If they don’t know who he is, then…

lifshitz denies

source: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/suspected-jewish-terrorist-admits-to-anti-missionary-activities-1.263044

Maybe that why three years ago, the organization denied they had a murderer as part of their volunteer team??  Here you can read articles we wrote previously on Jack ‘Yaakov’ Teitel.

Laila Tov Hands of brothers dudes!!

wonka yl

Shevut Rachel community protests Yaakov Teitel is innocent

Just seen this web site for Shevut Rachel, a mention of Yaakov Teitel, the suspected bomber of Messianic Jewish teen, killer of an Arab taxi driver and who volunteered with Yad Lachim for 5 years.


He has already confessed to some of these crimes, has a large amount of evidence against him.   Recently he has been confirmed as not insane.

We guess this article is an old one, from when Teitel was first arrested some years ago, and since then much evidence has surfaced.

We ask for the people of Shevut Rachel to not to defend this man.   We support Jewish people to live in Judea and Samaria despite what much of the world that isn’t familiar with history of Jews living in the vicinity historically for a very long time, but we think aligning yourself with criminals doesn’t help your case.    We hope this item can be taken down soon, and we understand you have a close knit community that needs to look out for each other, and there is much concern in the priority in keeping the community safe from Palestinian terrorism, and expanding housing with growing families and new immigrants.

Blessings, Peter.

http://www.shevut-rachel.muni.il/teitel-eng.html (English)
http://www.shevut-rachel.muni.il/teitel.html (Hebrew)

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Tablet Magazine’s detailed background on Yaakov Teitel

Seems criminals life stories always make fascinating reading regardless of how wicked they were.


This article has detailed background on Yaakov Teitel as spoken by his friend and neighbor.

A reminder, Yad Lachim officially say he has nothing to do with them, despite the Teitel was a volunteer with them for 5 years.

The late Dov Lifshitz founder of Yad Lachim from Haaretz:-

Here is the official recruitment page for Yad Lachim, it would be certainly interesting to know how the hiring process works, and how they check the background of potential recruits.

This part from David Ortiz who is the father of terror survivor victim says:

“Contrary to reports from the police and Shin Bet, David Ortiz believes Tytell is a professional assassin, working for a group. He even believes that Tytell’s trademark, the “V” sign for victory, is a signal to his followers, which says, “Continue without me.”

We thought something was a miss with the mysterious V symbol also done by Binyamin Klugger back in May.