Similarities between arrests of Klugger and Teitel

Oops, we realized we never actually printed the links to Klugger’s arrest in from our article in March.

Try this:

From his words:-

‘The background to the arrest derives from a basic lack of awareness on the part of the police about the nature of the organization I work for and a complete lack of knowledge about me personally, as well as a fundamental ignorance about the sects and the psychotic conditions which accompany them,’


Sure there is, which is why these images were put proudly for everyone to see on Binyamin’s public Facebook profile after his arrest here:- (pics since deleted)

The thing we want to know is this:

Yaakov TeitelYad Lachim (probably volunteer rather than on payroll) supporter of 5 years, suspected murderer of several Arabs, attempted murder by bomb on Messianic family, bomb attack on Israeli professor, possibly involved with Tel Aviv gay club shooting, but was caught putting up posters praising murder of the homosexuals in Tel Aviv.

Binyamin KluggerYad Lachim spy since 2011, spies on Messianic congregations for five years, suspected of vandalism of churches in Jerusalem area.


Both men have been arrested.   News reports on Binyamin Klugger have been quiet for some time.

Are these two salutes whilst arrested seem like a coincidence???   We can’t find after much googling anyone else doing this pose in handcuffs.

We noticed this and sent details to various blogs and news sites and no one was interested in publishing this, which was why this blog was born.

We hope the police and authorities can notice this.   G-d bless Israel and the Jewish people.


Attack on Ortiz family, Yaakov Teitel and his Yad L’Achim connections

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the web site of the Ortiz family, a family of Messianic Jews from Ariel whose 14 year old son was almost killed by a bomb left at their doorstep disguised as a Purim basket.   This story rocked the Messianic Jewish community in Israel in 2009 as persecution of Israeli Jews who believe in Yeshua often happens, but this is the first known attempted murder on this group.

A man who has been suspected as being responsible is named as Yaakov (or Jacob) Teitel, a US immigrant Orthodox Jew also suspected of the shooting at a homosexual youth club in Tel Aviv and murder of Palestinian taxi driver and shephard.

Three years later, the case is still on going.  Sadly, Israel TV channel Arutz Sheva, think the attack on Ami Ortiz isn’t worth mentioning in recent updates.

Israel newspaper Haaretz says he was a member of Yad L’achim for 5 years.

Yaakov Teitel doesn’t really show remorse for what he did or was accused of, with a cheerful salute after being arrested.   He seems to do this quite a lot in a lot of news stories.   Heres a quick Google image search…

Surely he wouldn’t be a made an icon for any other ultra-orthodox extremists we hope?   Actually this is where our next blog post comes in…..