Yad L’Achim antimissionary front man cleared of price tag damage

Well Binyamin Klugger announces the police had dropped charges of ‘price tag’ activity due to lack of evidence.

klugger not guilty

Hold on, isn’t it naughty to screenshot someone’s Facebook when they have been deemed innocent of charges by the police??   Well – if you are new to this blog, here is some activities Binyamin Klugger likes to (often doing ‘anti-missionary’ work on Shabbat too) spy on Messianic Jews and Christians worshiping in their own congregations for a good number of years by pretending to be interested in their religion and making notes on stopping visiting Christians from receiving Visa papers, and so Messianic Jews get fired from their jobs, evicted by their landlords or denied from aliyah.  He also pretends to leave his movement to throw critics off the scent.

klugger xmas2

klugger arrested saluteMaybe the police didn’t see the weird Facebook profile pictures from last year which looked like a confession?   Several times Binyamin’s friends and colleagues say the handcuff thing is part of a prank he did for his kids for Purim.   Its a bit too similar to what convicted terrorist Jack Teitel who says associated with Yad L’Achim did from our point of view.

With Jack Teitel likely to get a life sentence for murder of two Arabs, attempted murder on a Messianic Jewish family in Ariel and a college professor, Klugger probably isn’t dangerous in terms of committing serious assault, but he has manipulated his former job working for the Israel government’s Chinese embassy to help Yad L’Achim promote themselves as “cult consultants” to China, a communist country which persecutes Christians and other groups, although possibly one of the few countries where Jews have not been persecuted as Chinese Jews are an extreme rarity amongst the 1.3Bn people there.   We think he is a king pin in terms of stirring up trouble, building panic and fear into the regular Orthodox Jewish community, with Yad L’Achim’s familiar style of hysteria.

We hope soon the law will close on Yad L’Achim, and this extremist group will be confined to history.   Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere need to realize this group is not a group that helps Jewish people become more observant, but wants to get them into a growing offshoot of Orthodox Judaism worshiping the false Chabad Messiah Rebbe Schneerson.


Binyamin Klugger admits still spying for Yad Lachim

It would appear Klugger is still actively spying for Yad Lachim or at least as a volunteer informant, after we reported on a decision to leave Yad Lachim via a career change he reported sometime ago….

He responds to our blog here:-

klugger responds to us

Well, we definitely don’t send incitement, and no one is forced to read our blog or associated Facebook groups.

Me suffering paranoia, no not really.  Well here is just a reminder of some of these things Binyamin has been upto which trouble us a bit….


These pictures got deleted very quick after we first reported them!

Oh, forgot to mention, Klugger still likes to travel around visiting Christians here working for a ministry working in farms like these:

Wonder if they knew he was 7 years of sneaking around different religious services in Jerusalem, speaking in communist countries like China warning them of the risk of ‘cults’ whilst working for the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, before taking on more discrete operations in recent times, afraid we don’t think he’s really changed his tune….

16/12/12 Broken picture fixed

Jack Teitel’s wife arrested

In Arutz 7 today:-

Rivka Teitel, British born wife of Jack Teitel was arrested, questioned and released.


Teitel had confessed to attempted murder of Messianic Jewish teenager, and has been awaiting trial since 2009.   Teitel has long been rumoured to have connections to Yad Lachim.

Update: in a seperate article, they also searched his house also: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/252472#.UIWJV4bwpxI

Similarities between arrests of Klugger and Teitel

Oops, we realized we never actually printed the links to Klugger’s arrest in from our article in March.

Try this: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=122552

From his words:-

‘The background to the arrest derives from a basic lack of awareness on the part of the police about the nature of the organization I work for and a complete lack of knowledge about me personally, as well as a fundamental ignorance about the sects and the psychotic conditions which accompany them,’

from http://www.caspari.com/media_review/2012/12-03-28.html

Sure there is, which is why these images were put proudly for everyone to see on Binyamin’s public Facebook profile after his arrest here:- (pics since deleted)

The thing we want to know is this:

Yaakov TeitelYad Lachim (probably volunteer rather than on payroll) supporter of 5 years, suspected murderer of several Arabs, attempted murder by bomb on Messianic family, bomb attack on Israeli professor, possibly involved with Tel Aviv gay club shooting, but was caught putting up posters praising murder of the homosexuals in Tel Aviv.

Binyamin KluggerYad Lachim spy since 2011, spies on Messianic congregations for five years, suspected of vandalism of churches in Jerusalem area.


Both men have been arrested.   News reports on Binyamin Klugger have been quiet for some time.

Are these two salutes whilst arrested seem like a coincidence???   We can’t find after much googling anyone else doing this pose in handcuffs.

We noticed this and sent details to various blogs and news sites and no one was interested in publishing this, which was why this blog was born.

We hope the police and authorities can notice this.   G-d bless Israel and the Jewish people.

Jpost: Yad L’achim supporter and suspected murderer Yaakov Teitel in court soon again


It seems at the moment he is just being tried mostly for the murder of Palestinians currently.

Palestinian taxi driver Samir Balbisi was murdered in 1997 was picked up by Teitel at the Damscus gate shown here above.

The date of the trial is 28th June 2012, which happens to be 45 years to the day since East Jerusalem was annexed after the Six Day War.

An update has been put on the blog of the mother of Ami Ortiz, whose family was thought to be targetted by Teitel.

We think that Israel normally does well in its court cases, as its the only democracy in the middle east, but we pray justice will be done and the Tietel will be in the slammer for life, along with adequate sentencing for anyone abetting him.

Diagrams from mind of a killer in Samaria

Interesting profile of Jack Yaakov Teitel, and sketches of attacks devised.

By the way, Teitel’s official surname is actually Tytell, despite listings via Google and Wikipedia saying otherwise.   At least it was Tytell before he moved from the US to Israel.

This site shows diagrams on bomb he sent to the Ortiz family, and a device placed under a police car.   He has poor knowledge of Hebrew.


The Shin Bet say he was working alone, however this is contradiction to what the Ortiz family say was on the video security system, the plot thickens….

Yaakov Teitel possibly not alone in murder attempt

In this article, its thought that Orthodox Jewish attempted murder suspect did not carry out his attack on the Messianic family alone, but there were two people in the car:-


This is the town of Ariel in Samaria where Ami Ortiz was critically injured, close by just 22km is where Yaakov Teitel lived.

Shvut Rachel is where Teitel lived, Ariel is where the Ortiz family live and had the attack, Shilo is a famous biblical town where there was a Palestinian attack on a local Rabbi and his son there in the early 2000s.

As you can see all of these are not very big, it should be easy to visit and question shops and local businesses.   We hope this police can make some progress with this soon….