Yaakov Teitel possibly not alone in murder attempt

In this article, its thought that Orthodox Jewish attempted murder suspect did not carry out his attack on the Messianic family alone, but there were two people in the car:-


This is the town of Ariel in Samaria where Ami Ortiz was critically injured, close by just 22km is where Yaakov Teitel lived.

Shvut Rachel is where Teitel lived, Ariel is where the Ortiz family live and had the attack, Shilo is a famous biblical town where there was a Palestinian attack on a local Rabbi and his son there in the early 2000s.

As you can see all of these are not very big, it should be easy to visit and question shops and local businesses.   We hope this police can make some progress with this soon….


Attack on Ortiz family, Yaakov Teitel and his Yad L’Achim connections

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the web site of the Ortiz family, a family of Messianic Jews from Ariel whose 14 year old son was almost killed by a bomb left at their doorstep disguised as a Purim basket.   This story rocked the Messianic Jewish community in Israel in 2009 as persecution of Israeli Jews who believe in Yeshua often happens, but this is the first known attempted murder on this group.


A man who has been suspected as being responsible is named as Yaakov (or Jacob) Teitel, a US immigrant Orthodox Jew also suspected of the shooting at a homosexual youth club in Tel Aviv and murder of Palestinian taxi driver and shephard.

Three years later, the case is still on going.  Sadly, Israel TV channel Arutz Sheva, think the attack on Ami Ortiz isn’t worth mentioning in recent updates.

Israel newspaper Haaretz says he was a member of Yad L’achim for 5 years.

Yaakov Teitel doesn’t really show remorse for what he did or was accused of, with a cheerful salute after being arrested.   He seems to do this quite a lot in a lot of news stories.   Heres a quick Google image search…

Surely he wouldn’t be a made an icon for any other ultra-orthodox extremists we hope?   Actually this is where our next blog post comes in…..