Suspected killer Jack Teitel found guilty

teitel arrested

Good news for the results of a very long pending trial of this dangerous criminal, Teitel will face bars for attempted murder of messianic teen Ami Ortiz, as well murder of Arabs and sending a bomb to a Israeli professor.

Jack Teitel also known as Yaakov Tytell is an American born religious Jew and confessed to these crimes, but was found not to be mentally ill, he was also a member of Yad L’Achim for 5 years, although deny this here from a statement from the late Rav Dov Lifshitz, a few years ago was the then chairman of Yad L’Achim.


Founder of Yad L’Achim talks about contacts to get him out of being arrested

Either Lifshitz is telling an outrageous lie or, there was already corruption to get him off the hook, after he was arrested several times as highlighted, including the instance in 1964.

Make no mistake, Yad L’Achim seems just as wicked in their tactics almost 50 years ago, as they are now.

Source: Beis Moshiach magazine

Read more here here, this PDF is in our Google documents library.

God bless Israel and the Jewish people, let corrupt groups like this be consigned to history.

Messianic Jews in Beit Shean have their cars set alight by antimissionaries

From 2009, Messianic Jewish family from Beit She’an had their van torched which was parked near a police station, this is the second vehicle destroyed by someone out to hurt them.

from the second link:-

Several months ago another car of theirs was torched and destroyed, said attorney Calev Myers, who is representing the family.

Two weeks before that, the Levine’s 11-year-old daughter was called to the principal’s office at her school and questioned by the city’s chief rabbi about her parents’ activities as Messianic Jews, Myers said.

The Levines were also kicked out of two apartments after their landlords were threatened, and recently a car with loudspeakers on it drove around near their home yelling that missionary Christians should be kicked out of Israel, he said.

This might or might not be the work of an organized antimissionary group, it might be from a handful of isolated criminal activists.   We are willing to bet they have may have been motivated by posters of Messianic Jews which are often put up by groups like Yad L’Achim.

Contacting Messianic believers employers/landlords to get them fired/evicted is a favorite tactic of Yad L’Achim and driving cars around with a loudspeaker spreading slander.

Lets put these criminals out of business for good.

Shevut Rachel community protests Yaakov Teitel is innocent

Just seen this web site for Shevut Rachel, a mention of Yaakov Teitel, the suspected bomber of Messianic Jewish teen, killer of an Arab taxi driver and who volunteered with Yad Lachim for 5 years.

He has already confessed to some of these crimes, has a large amount of evidence against him.   Recently he has been confirmed as not insane.

We guess this article is an old one, from when Teitel was first arrested some years ago, and since then much evidence has surfaced.

We ask for the people of Shevut Rachel to not to defend this man.   We support Jewish people to live in Judea and Samaria despite what much of the world that isn’t familiar with history of Jews living in the vicinity historically for a very long time, but we think aligning yourself with criminals doesn’t help your case.    We hope this item can be taken down soon, and we understand you have a close knit community that needs to look out for each other, and there is much concern in the priority in keeping the community safe from Palestinian terrorism, and expanding housing with growing families and new immigrants.

Blessings, Peter. (English) (Hebrew)

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Yad L’achim manipulates authorities for kosher catering licenses

This text from this blog originally came from an article in the Jerusalem Post written by Larry Derfner.

Putting pressure on authorities to not give catering establishments a kosher license if they don’t follow Yad L’achim’s ideologies on who they worship?   More confirmation that they operate like a gangster type establishment.

This below paragraph from the now deceased founder of Yad L’achim Rav Shalom Dov Lifshitz confirms posters like below that we have spotted.


Targeting catering establishments seems like a common tactic especially as bullies like Benny Vulcan was waiting outside a hotel in Tel Aviv to attack a Messianic Jew who works there which we covered a while back.

Original article:-

link broken, try this article from Jpost; formatting somewhat cluttered though

Newspaper ad campaign of hate from Yad Lachim

Last year ads went in Haaretz and Jerusalem Post from Yad Lachim likely at considerable expense to demonize Messianic Jews and spread lies to the general Israeli public.

Full article from Sid Roth here.

Sadly people keep giving Yad Lachim money.   Above is Benny Vulcan and the frum from Bnei Barak collecting cash on Tu B’Av and visiting grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.

We are a bit confused about why the ultra religious do this wander around this domed grave/shrine thing.   Wandering round a bit of stone in a religious fashion seems a bit similar to Muslims do at the Hajj in Mecca, nothing based on Torah.   There are rumours that visiting the grave of Rabbi Yonatan provides a partner to those that are single, despite the Rabbi never married himself.

Please write to the Israeli government and get Yad Lachim shut down.

Israeli documentary on Yad L’Achim, thought police in religious costume

Big Brother and the Jew, a documentary program from Mabat Sheni an Israeli current affairs program. This is in Hebrew, no subtitles.

The documentary includes covert footage from a Ministry of Interior official openly admitting they received information from Yad L’Achim snitching on other citizens. A Meretz Member of the Knesset is very concerned at the power this non-governmental agency is having upon the lives of the citizens of Israel. Yad L’Achim is acting like they are thought police.

One such citizen was a girl learning to play the organ and practiced in a Catholic church, she was followed, spied on and a letter sent to her parents and the priest who forbade her from playing the organ there again because of the Yad L’Achim accusations.

A street close to Yad Lachim’s HQ basement in Benai Barak

Above is the translated text from the Youtube video: The most shocking part of the documentary is the account of a blind woman who is taken by Yad L’achim operatives in a car and told someone wants to talk to her, she did not know who they were and where she was going. She was blind and vulnerable. She was taken to their base in Bnei Brak and they sought to force her to abandon her faith in Yeshua the Messiah, telling her God was angry with her and would punish her.

Click here for that link again 2: 15 voice in robotic Hebrew is the most scariest voice I have ever heard!! – 2:58 is the late (died 2011) Rav Dov Lifshitz, founding boss of YL – 3:42 is about rescues into Arab towns  – 5:45 tapping telephone calls? – 6:16 Rav Lifshitz at his desk again – 6:44 Messianic Lawyer Calev Myers – 7:55 Gov offices

Well done to the TV producers for analyzing this story with bravery and courage and people interviewed.

It is important that Yad L’Achim are put out of business, and all paperwork and computer files seized.   Its an outrage to influence a government’s visa and immigration system, from a group that spies on and attacks those against to its ideologies.   A full investigation should be done to make sure no documents go out or in of the Ministry of Interior offices.

We welcome any translation or comments of this.  Much thanks again to Rosh Pina Project, video was done by

One more thing, links to antisemitic sites are absolutely not welcome from here.   We believe that most governments around the world have ocassional bit of corruption, in most part Israel is a democratic nation which does a better job of running things than the world gives credit for.   As people who love Israel we think their is room for improvement which is why the government should investigate this.   Blessings, Peter and the YLW team.