Messianic Jews in Israel tweet pics of an unruly Yad L’Achim crowd outside

Looks like Yad L’Achim’s junior recruits are in Tel Aviv this time.

Make no mistake, don’t be deceived that this group are there to defend Jewish beliefs and practices – they are a bunch of bullies in Chassidic clothing.

The last sighting of this group, they were just handing out magazines in Jerusalem when there was Messianic children were around, which legally questionable.    The magazine we covered recently.

yad stalk in tel avivMembers of this group should be reported to the police and there should be a restraining order against them.

Lets get the religious-clad delinquents Yad L’Achim closed down for good, and the staff given a decent honest job in Jewish society.


Yad L’Achim antimissionary front man cleared of price tag damage

Well Binyamin Klugger announces the police had dropped charges of ‘price tag’ activity due to lack of evidence.

klugger not guilty

Hold on, isn’t it naughty to screenshot someone’s Facebook when they have been deemed innocent of charges by the police??   Well – if you are new to this blog, here is some activities Binyamin Klugger likes to (often doing ‘anti-missionary’ work on Shabbat too) spy on Messianic Jews and Christians worshiping in their own congregations for a good number of years by pretending to be interested in their religion and making notes on stopping visiting Christians from receiving Visa papers, and so Messianic Jews get fired from their jobs, evicted by their landlords or denied from aliyah.  He also pretends to leave his movement to throw critics off the scent.

klugger xmas2

klugger arrested saluteMaybe the police didn’t see the weird Facebook profile pictures from last year which looked like a confession?   Several times Binyamin’s friends and colleagues say the handcuff thing is part of a prank he did for his kids for Purim.   Its a bit too similar to what convicted terrorist Jack Teitel who says associated with Yad L’Achim did from our point of view.

With Jack Teitel likely to get a life sentence for murder of two Arabs, attempted murder on a Messianic Jewish family in Ariel and a college professor, Klugger probably isn’t dangerous in terms of committing serious assault, but he has manipulated his former job working for the Israel government’s Chinese embassy to help Yad L’Achim promote themselves as “cult consultants” to China, a communist country which persecutes Christians and other groups, although possibly one of the few countries where Jews have not been persecuted as Chinese Jews are an extreme rarity amongst the 1.3Bn people there.   We think he is a king pin in terms of stirring up trouble, building panic and fear into the regular Orthodox Jewish community, with Yad L’Achim’s familiar style of hysteria.

We hope soon the law will close on Yad L’Achim, and this extremist group will be confined to history.   Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere need to realize this group is not a group that helps Jewish people become more observant, but wants to get them into a growing offshoot of Orthodox Judaism worshiping the false Chabad Messiah Rebbe Schneerson.

Kiryat Gat Messianic congregation building in arson attack

This week a messianic congregation in Kiryat Gat was burned down deliberately:

We pray that this community will be able to still meet, and they get their equipment replaced in Kiryat Gat.   Make sure you get a good security camera system guys.

This act of criminal damage maliciously aimed at the Messianic Jewish community and strangely didn’t seem to get picked up by the mainstream Israeli media 😦   Sadly this is not the first time that arson has happened on buildings and cars owned by Messianic Jews.

Suspected killer Jack Teitel found guilty

teitel arrested

Good news for the results of a very long pending trial of this dangerous criminal, Teitel will face bars for attempted murder of messianic teen Ami Ortiz, as well murder of Arabs and sending a bomb to a Israeli professor.

Jack Teitel also known as Yaakov Tytell is an American born religious Jew and confessed to these crimes, but was found not to be mentally ill, he was also a member of Yad L’Achim for 5 years, although deny this here from a statement from the late Rav Dov Lifshitz, a few years ago was the then chairman of Yad L’Achim.

What do different authorities think of Yad L’achim?

P1060468Yad L’achim put up posters showing different Israelis people in the media being unkind to Messianic Jews.

Whats the thoughts of different organizations on Yad L’achim though?

US Department of State

International Religious Freedom Report 2009 Report October 26, 2009

The Messianic Jewish and Jehovah’s Witnesses communities, among others, accused groups such as Yad L’Achim and Lev L’Achim, and Jewish religious organizations opposed to missionary activity, of harassing and occasionally assaulting their members. According to Yad L’Achim’s annual report for 2008, quoted in the newspaper Yom L’Yom, the organization “saved 174 souls from the clutches of the mission” during the year. The organization’s semi-clandestine Counter-Missionary Department, headed by Rabbi Alex Artovski, also claimed to have dozens of informants and infiltrators in the Government and in Christian or Messianic Jewish congregations, enabling the organization to force the closure of 18 religious meeting places and expel 12 “top-ranking” missionaries from the country during 2008. According to JIJ attorneys and representatives of affected religious communities, Yad L’Achim succeeded in such activities by pressuring landlords, employers and Interior Ministry officials to assist its campaign against groups it deemed “dangerous cults.”

Despite harassment, the number of Messianic Jews and evangelical Christians has grown in recent years through both immigration and conversion. During the reporting period, however, increased press reporting and complaints from religious freedom activists indicated a corresponding increase in Yad L’achim and associated activism, and a growing wider backlash against the presence of evangelical Christian or Messianic Jewish congregations and missionaries living in Jewish communities. Exacerbating these tensions was the widespread but false belief that proselytizing is illegal in the country.

The ADL – Anti defamation league

ADL Condemns Leaflet Forbidding Renting Apartments to Arabs

Jerusalem, October 30, 2006 …  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) strongly condemned a call signed by Ashdod rabbis forbidding Jews from renting apartments to Arabs or foreign workers. The call was made in a leaflet distributed by the organization Yad l’Achim and signed by well-known rabbis in the city.

ADL’s Israel office issued the following statement:

We deplore such bigotry in the strongest terms. Such discriminatory appeals are a terrible offense against Jewish teaching and a stain on the name of the Jewish people. Such conduct toward Jews anywhere in the world would not be tolerated and such conduct toward non-Jews must also not be tolerated in the Jewish state.

The call to residents of the city to discriminate against Arabs and foreign workers is not only incompatible with Israeli democratic law and we call upon the authorities to investigate this so-called ultra-Orthodox organization.

This is not the first time that Yad l’Achim has issued racist statements. In the past they have intimidated and harassed members of Jehovah’s Witnesses and others. The ADL in Israel urges the authorities to call the Rabbis of Ashdod who signed off on this appeal to order accordingly.

Jerusalem Post

From interview:-

“Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifschitz, told me: “When we find out about a missionary, we’ll publicize his identity on posters, newspaper ads, by word of mouth. We don’t even have to phone up his place of work – a lot of Jewish employers don’t want to be involved with pictures of messianics in ashdodmissionaries… So seeing an ad in the newspaper is enough for [the employer] to fire him. But not all employers will do this.”

Poster on the right typical of Yad L’achim activities exposing name and addresses of people they decide to harrass, here there is no name of who published it.   This one circulated around the Ashdod area in October/November 2012.

Binyamin Klugger admits still spying for Yad Lachim

It would appear Klugger is still actively spying for Yad Lachim or at least as a volunteer informant, after we reported on a decision to leave Yad Lachim via a career change he reported sometime ago….

He responds to our blog here:-

klugger responds to us

Well, we definitely don’t send incitement, and no one is forced to read our blog or associated Facebook groups.

Me suffering paranoia, no not really.  Well here is just a reminder of some of these things Binyamin has been upto which trouble us a bit….


These pictures got deleted very quick after we first reported them!

Oh, forgot to mention, Klugger still likes to travel around visiting Christians here working for a ministry working in farms like these:

Wonder if they knew he was 7 years of sneaking around different religious services in Jerusalem, speaking in communist countries like China warning them of the risk of ‘cults’ whilst working for the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, before taking on more discrete operations in recent times, afraid we don’t think he’s really changed his tune….

16/12/12 Broken picture fixed

The weirdest antimissionaries on Facebook

Strange Facebook profiles of antimissionaries!!

These snapshots were taken back in the summer.    Why the heck would you post a picture of your daughter undressing on the beach?    We initially blanked out this poor girl’s face and name so not to embarass her but actually its generic picture off the internet from a girly site!!

This lady is from the UK and has ~3,800 4,000+ friends.   She claims to be virulently antimissionary, but her name shows as “Ezra Anti-messianic (I-ezraleadersavior)”  showing she has something of a messiah-complex.

Meshugahs like this show how easy it is to rope ordinary people into rally against Messianic Jews.

Click twice to get a clearer view.   This nutjob claims to be an anti-zionist Jew who loves Jews and Muslims but hates Christians and atheists.

Related crazies:-  Xmessianic and Moshe Shulman think chickens are messiah.