Messianic Jews respond to Yad L’Achim’s $10,000 bet

yad 10grandArticle here in Hebrew from with answers to challenges Yad L’Achim offered.

They then cancelled their offer of 10 grand to someone who could answer them, funny that.

vulcan with 10000 bookSorry Benny Vulcan, you need some new material dude!


Yad L’Achim’s Hannukah messibar for the mission!

yads hannukah partyYad L’Achim organize a party of ‘survivors of the mission’ for Hannukah.   Rather than G-d and Torah, its another way to missionize people into Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the false Moshiach figure for the Chabad cult group who financially fund this antimissionary group.   This is not real Judaism, this is a man made group who put on a religious front.

This appears to be for Jews that have left the Messianic movement or some other religious community, but with the Israeli public they are hosting whose blanked out their faces, maybe they should of blanked out the Rebbe’s face as well?    As Rosh Pina Project blog also covers this, we wonder if Yad L’Achim have any volunteers on B1 visas that have come from overseas.

Messianic Jews in Israel tweet pics of an unruly Yad L’Achim crowd outside

Looks like Yad L’Achim’s junior recruits are in Tel Aviv this time.

Make no mistake, don’t be deceived that this group are there to defend Jewish beliefs and practices – they are a bunch of bullies in Chassidic clothing.

The last sighting of this group, they were just handing out magazines in Jerusalem when there was Messianic children were around, which legally questionable.    The magazine we covered recently.

yad stalk in tel avivMembers of this group should be reported to the police and there should be a restraining order against them.

Lets get the religious-clad delinquents Yad L’Achim closed down for good, and the staff given a decent honest job in Jewish society.

Yad Lachim invite Messianic Jews to have coffee!!

I’m sure this sounds like an exciting opportunity for conversation on theological matters in an adult fashion, especially as Yad Lachim do activities such as:-

….set up a rally and preach an inciteful message to hundreds of Orthodox to intimidate the small Messianic community in Ashdod, Benny Vulcan asked his mates to help out on Facebook….

….sneakily film Messianic youth who are doing worship in a tent at an away event, out not bothering anyone….

pictures of messianics in ashdod

…..signs put up in areas to scare people with photos of Messianic believers, their names and sometimes addresses too.   This new poster they publicised from their friends at Xmessianic who have slightly edited it to distort the faces, it similar to posters that have been up before though.

Well – no sugar please.

G-d bless the Jewish people and Israel, but Yad Lachim need to stop the religious stalking and bullying nonsense.

Update: missing picture fixed.

Benny Vulcan spotted outside Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv

Spotted last year, the 28 year old Chassidic Yad Lachim activist is upto his old tricks again, outside a Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv.   Benny has been involved with assault of the Israeli public before and arrested once.

I think the poster with 10,000 is meant to be talking about the number of Jewish believers in Jesus, actually as of 2011 its now about 20,000 according to one of our statistics-savvy friends here.

Yad L’achim manipulates authorities for kosher catering licenses

This text from this blog originally came from an article in the Jerusalem Post written by Larry Derfner.

Putting pressure on authorities to not give catering establishments a kosher license if they don’t follow Yad L’achim’s ideologies on who they worship?   More confirmation that they operate like a gangster type establishment.

This below paragraph from the now deceased founder of Yad L’achim Rav Shalom Dov Lifshitz confirms posters like below that we have spotted.


Targeting catering establishments seems like a common tactic especially as bullies like Benny Vulcan was waiting outside a hotel in Tel Aviv to attack a Messianic Jew who works there which we covered a while back.

Original article:-

link broken, try this article from Jpost; formatting somewhat cluttered though

Benny Vulcan the antimissionary stir up protestor

Looking at our archives, 28 year old senior antimissionary activist Benny Vulcan is often driving force in getting folks from the Ultra Orthodox community to rally against Messianic Jews who just want to quietly worship in their congregation without fuss or bother.

We found evidence that in fact Vulcan admits so on his Facebook:-

In fact the Rosh Pina Project blog have a video from a short while later, April 2011 and some details of what’s probably the same rally in Ashdod that Vulcan is trying to stir his pals to get involved.   The Messianic Jew with grey hair in the video is also the same chap Vulcan assaulted outside a hotel we published earlier.

Probably the biggest rally Yad Lachim have organised back in February 2011, here they intimidated the people of Ashdod, Messianic Jews and ordinary Israelis.

More problems for Messianic Believers in Ashdod will be published tomorrow.