Jailed ex-member of Shas party and Yad Lachim

Some years ago, a group of Ultra Orthodox Jews invaded a Messianic Jewish congregation in Beer Sheva.   This was planned by Yad Lachim and Yehuda Deri, Rabbi of Beer Sheva.    Yehuda’s brother Arieh Deri was a member of Eli Yishai’s Shas party and has just finished a 3 year jail sentence for bribery.

This congregation mentions about these two brothers and their relationship with Yad Lachim on their blog recently this month.


We hope the Israel public will vote for the right party in January.   The Shas party has strong links to Yad Lachim.


Founder of Yad L’Achim talks about contacts to get him out of being arrested

Either Lifshitz is telling an outrageous lie or, there was already corruption to get him off the hook, after he was arrested several times as highlighted, including the instance in 1964.

Make no mistake, Yad L’Achim seems just as wicked in their tactics almost 50 years ago, as they are now.

Source: Beis Moshiach magazine

Read more here here, this PDF is in our Google documents library.

God bless Israel and the Jewish people, let corrupt groups like this be consigned to history.

Yad Lachim boast turning up suddenly at door of Messianic blogger and change his beliefs



This article Yad Lachim wrote shows they were successful suddenly showing up at a Messianic blogger’s home in Beer Sheva known as Warrior Knight, and getting him to abandon his faith in Yeshua.   You would of though that they would list the URL of this site though if this was such a big trophy win for them?

If you run a blog or web site, bear in mind someone might find out your name, address and phone number by using a free “who is” service to trace the registered owner of that web site domain address.   This is probably how Yad Lachim just got to trace and then turn up one evening at this person’s home.   Knocking on the doors of strangers sounds like another type of missionary work to us!!!

If you are concerned, either contact whoever owns your domain name do get your address records made private which costs a small amount of extra money a year for this service, or if you are not sure how to do this, email us, and we will get a trusted IT specialist we know to help you on how to keep your details safe.

In terms of converting this man to Orthodox Judaism and abandoning his belief in Yeshua, we think that;

1/ It’s a joke, that the man went along with, for a short while, just to make Yad Lachim look silly, or,

2/ He shut the blog down and became a black hat Jew, leaving no trace of previous or current religious preferences.

3/ It’s a complete and total lie, most likely.

After much Google searching, there is no sign of this blog at all.

Have a good Shabbos everyone – Peter

Tribute to Rav Dov Lifshitz in Beis Moshiach magazine

This is an interesting article shortly after Yad Lachim founder Rav Shalom Dov Lifshitz passed away exactly one year this week.

It seems maybe he started Yad Lachim on the right track back in 1950, helping new Jewish immigrants to get into a religious framework.

Later it seems troubles happened when meeting and idolising the 770 Rebbe Shneerson and then stalking Messianic Jewish congregations in Beer Sheva.

For those unfamiliar with the Jewish years, 5758 = 1998, is when Lifshitz got involved with monitoring Messianic Jews in Beer Sheva.

Read more here here, this PDF is in our Google documents library.