Lehava and Yad L’achim disrupt block Magen David Adom at Jerusalem Christian event

mdaSaturday 11th July 2015: Jewish Extremist Groups Lehava and Yad L’achim Disrupt And Block Magen David Adom (Israel Ambulance & Emergency Service) Blood Drive At Jerusalem Christian Event. On Thursday 9th July 2015 An MDA Blood Drive at The El Av Christian Conference 2015 held at Jerusalem’s OId Train Station was severely disrupted and eventually Blocked by Activists from Jewish Extremist Groups Lehava and Yad L’achim who intruded into the Ambulance Area were shouting and verbally abusing Senior MDA Staff.

At Least Two of the Extremists were arrested by Israeli police for “attacking and disturbing public order,” and another taken away for verbally abusing MDA Staff. The Leader of Lehava, Bentzi Gopstein has previously been arrested by Israeli Police for extremist activities. According to a statement from Lehava itself “dozens of Lehava forcibly broke into a Christian Conference… and blocked the entrance.” As a result of the extremists disruptive activities MDA were only able to raise 11 Blood Donations compared to 46 the next night. MDA stated that each blood Donation saves three lives.


Israeli believers respond to Yad L’Achim’s Magazine

yad mag front coverSome Israeli believers talk about Yad L’Achim’s magazine which sent unsolicited to various Messianic Jews houses around Israel.

count yad videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK0G4MuEXzU&feature=youtu.be

Where as when religious Jews get offended with unsolicited material gets mailed to them just as a matter of routine like pizza menus, real estate businesses, or religious stuff which is sent to all houses.

Yad L’Achim have databases of people they don’t like which they harass and send their magazine to mailboxes of decent hardworking, army-serving Israeli Messianic Jews (who in a lot of cases don’t do missionary work but practice their faith without interfering with anyone) with the message ‘we know where you live’.

Messianic Jews respond to Yad L’Achim’s $10,000 bet

yad 10grandArticle here in Hebrew from igod.co.il with answers to challenges Yad L’Achim offered.


They then cancelled their offer of 10 grand to someone who could answer them, funny that.

vulcan with 10000 bookSorry Benny Vulcan, you need some new material dude!

Klugger writes about us on xmessianic web site

Today we were surprised to see an open letter to us from Yad L’Achim anti missionary activist Binyamin Klugger.

The comes from the Hebrew ‘xmessianic’ web site, that writes nasty things about believers in Israel.

klugger on xmessianicThis has been translated from Hebrew, original article here:- http://www.xmessianic.co.il/?CategoryID=175&ArticleID=475

klugger arrested salute

never quite got to the bottom, why Klugger put this pose on Facebook. He thinks hes a badass secret agent.

We have written about Mr Klugger a lot, and we have no doubt hes quite upset with us.

We think that Yad L’Achim actually likes the lime light and enjoys seeing themselves as a religious moral police.   You don’t actually say much about God and his love and mercy, or Torah.  You don’t say much about the highly motivated drive to make Jewish people follow Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson as the Messiah, that we’ve got your group doing again and again and again.

Are we paranoid?  Not really, we have uncovered enough stuff from your own material and from Chabad Lubavitch sources.   We know that from day 1 of Yad L’Achim’s launch in 1950 there was a strong connection between Yad and Chabad Lubavitch.   There is a copy of the page from the ‘Beis Moshiach’ magazine where founder Dov Lipschtiz boasts of his ability to track down missionaries and that he could be arrested.

HELLOMOTO HELLOMOTOBy the way, Beis Moshiach is a paid for monthly English magazine in newspaper shops for worshipers of Schneerson.  For all you people not familiar with these people, or think that Schneerson worship is just a minority, this magazine is on sale all over Jerusalem.  Schneerson is an ordinary Rabbi who died in 1994 and lived in Ukraine and New York, and NEVER visited Israel once.  The Torah says that the Messiah must live in Israel.

yad mag front coverYou have sent unsolicited free copies of this Hebrew language anti missionary magazine to Israeli believer’s homes who follow Yeshua as their saviour discretely and don’t draw attention to themselves.   Where did you get their address?  That’s called harassment. Why do you have people hanging around  outside King of Kings congregation Jerusalem and Tifferet Yeshua and Tel Aviv?   That’s trespassing.

Its well known for believers to know the Yad L’Achim is out to watch believers and get people fired or kicked out of their apartments, because you openly admit you contact people’s employers and landlords (sources from well known mainstream Jewish press, not from Messianics), and going to Messianic congregations undercover for 7 years as you were exposed by a journalist at Jerusalem Post.   You then tried to trap me getting someone to make a dummy Facebook page of an attractive Asian young woman.

You say that anti missionaries have no connection to influence Jerusalem’s municipality workers.   Ok, check out our article about Mina Fention who is being sued for defamation.   Finally you say that people use different names, thats exactly what happened while YOU worked for the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv and used this to share anti missionary advise from the communist Chinese government to interfere with the workings of the democratic state of Israel.   That’s very serious.

We know anti missionary groups are there to harass and intimidate Jewish people who desire to follow the Messiah of Israel.    THIS WILL NOT DO.   We will continue to print and expose anything unpleasantness until your effort to upset Messianic believers stop.

sincerely, Peter Johnson

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Why Jews are leaving the ‘Jews for Judaism’ movement

A lady associated with well known anti-missionary group ‘Jews for Judaism’ leaves the group to find Yeshua!!

This was broadcast on 11 July 2013 on the popular Messianic Line of Fire Podcast with Dr Michael Brown.



ex-antimissionary.   That’s a word I want to see more of.    We want to see Jewish people discover their true Messiah and embrace their calling as Jews to be a Light to the Nations.

Baruch HaShem!! blessings to you with your work in Nigeria Joanne!!!

Antimissionaries use Facebook to intimidate Messianic Jews in south Bat Yam

Anti-Missionary Activities

Yediot Bat Yam, May 31, 2013 (via Caspari Center)

Residents of south Bat Yam continue to be outraged by the presence of a Messianic Jewish prayer house operating out of the ground floor of a private apartment building. After receiving many complaints, Yad L’Achim decided to investigate and sent Rabbi Meir Tal to check out the apartment. While he was looking around, he found New Testaments on some of the bookshelves inside. The rabbi confronted those who were present, and a verbal confrontation ensued. He then met with Yad L’Achim, and together they launched a campaign on Facebook, which quickly gathered momentum and caused some people to return to the prayer house in an act of protest. They entered the premises and removed what New Testaments they could find, which they later burned on the beach. Eliezer Gal, who belongs to the Messianic prayer house, told the paper, “No one from our group has any problems with other people, whoever they may be. We are a warm and supportive congregation who believe in justice, and we have no desire to confront those who do not share our worldview. This world is open to everyone. We will continue with our activities throughout the city.”

Sadly folks find the very presence of Messianic Jews worshiping in their own building quietly offensive, and Yad L’Achim sending Chassedic self-style religious bullies in to set up a Facebook group to hurt them.  Pray for safety and protection of the believers and the community.

More hate posters from Yad L’Achim

yl against meno

I’d like to know who does the printing and distribution of this posters as this should be a criminal offense.  Yad L’Achim have printed other hate posters before, some without their name done anonymously.

Posters were put around the city of Ariel before Ami Ortiz was almost killed by Yaakov Teitel who delivered a bomb to his house and cars have been destroyed after posters went up with addresses of people targeted for harassment.

Thanks to Rosh Pina Project blog:- http://roshpinaproject.com/2013/04/02/new-yad-lachim-hate-poster/