Yaakov Teitel finally receives prison sentence

teitel arrested

Breaking news:  suspected murderer and attempted murderer Jack Teitel received 2 life sentences and 30 years extra for murder of two Arabs and attempted murder of Messianic Jewish teen Ami Ortiz.


Here’s an earlier article we wrote about Yaakov “Jack” Teitel and his links to Yad L’Achim:- https://yadlachimwatch.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/tablet-magazines-detailed-background-on-yaakov-teitel/

Unlike Palestinian murderers there are no Jewish people celebrating the wicked actions of this man or any streets named after him which is common practice with Islamic terrorism.   We rejoice for justice in Israel this week.  The Ortiz family continue to pray for Teitel’s salvation.


Leah Ortiz’s blog update

teitel arrestedSome news on the blog of Leah Ortiz, mother of Ami, a young man from a Messianic family who was seriously injured from a bomb from a Yad L’Achim member Jack Teitel who faces jail for murder and attempted murder.


Suspected killer Jack Teitel found guilty

teitel arrestedhttp://maozisraelblog.blogspot.co.il/2013/01/justice-at-last-teitel-convicted.html

Good news for the results of a very long pending trial of this dangerous criminal, Teitel will face bars for attempted murder of messianic teen Ami Ortiz, as well murder of Arabs and sending a bomb to a Israeli professor.

Jack Teitel also known as Yaakov Tytell is an American born religious Jew and confessed to these crimes, but was found not to be mentally ill, he was also a member of Yad L’Achim for 5 years, although deny this here from a statement from the late Rav Dov Lifshitz, a few years ago was the then chairman of Yad L’Achim.

Activist group corrects our spelling but doesn’t know who works for them!

We admit our spelling could be better sometimes!! of course Jesus should be Yeshua, not without the A as sometimes done in a derogatory manner.  Here writing in a hurry and copying some paragraphs around resulted in some errors we fixed afterwards.

Drink less or more coffee for New Year, we can’t decide!!

who is david sharon

yl 770But we are still waiting for Yad L’achim to give us an explanation about how they missionize the Jews themselves to 770 Rebbe dude from New York, who we think was a nice gent and a good teacher, but never visited Israel.  Does any of the Chabadnik 770niks ever fancy having a theological debate with Schneerson vs Yeshua?   This is a better way to discuss religious disagreements, not playing pretend Mossad.

Heck, members of their own Facebook group got in a discussion on the Rebbe, until it was quietly removed shortly.

yl david sharon moshiach poster

david sharon yad staff

If they don’t know who he is, then…

lifshitz denies

source: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/suspected-jewish-terrorist-admits-to-anti-missionary-activities-1.263044

Maybe that why three years ago, the organization denied they had a murderer as part of their volunteer team??  Here you can read articles we wrote previously on Jack ‘Yaakov’ Teitel.

Laila Tov Hands of brothers dudes!!

wonka yl

Community of terrorist attack could still be watched

Yesterday’s map is little concerning, let’s take a closer look:-

Heres a close up the map yesterday that Yad L’Achim’s new ops against those in considers missionaries.

The text is blury and we can’t make it out, as we don’t have a better resolution picture.

This is a map we have done showing the location of the city of Ariel, where Messianic teen was seriously injured by a bomb left as a gift outside his flat by a Orthodox Jewish man who confessed but yet to be convicted who is thought to have links to Yad L’Achim.    Ariel is appears to be marked by the (2) marker, slightly left of the middle of the West Bank, slightly higher than Tel Aviv, indicated by the (25) marker.

Of course, there is a far bigger threat from the Palestinian terrorists, but it seems the Ariel is in the database of subjects to spy on Yad L’Achim’s computer databases.   We think that this case should still be on the priority list of the Israel police too.

Similarities between arrests of Klugger and Teitel

Oops, we realized we never actually printed the links to Klugger’s arrest in from our article in March.

Try this: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=122552

From his words:-

‘The background to the arrest derives from a basic lack of awareness on the part of the police about the nature of the organization I work for and a complete lack of knowledge about me personally, as well as a fundamental ignorance about the sects and the psychotic conditions which accompany them,’

from http://www.caspari.com/media_review/2012/12-03-28.html

Sure there is, which is why these images were put proudly for everyone to see on Binyamin’s public Facebook profile after his arrest here:- (pics since deleted)

The thing we want to know is this:

Yaakov TeitelYad Lachim (probably volunteer rather than on payroll) supporter of 5 years, suspected murderer of several Arabs, attempted murder by bomb on Messianic family, bomb attack on Israeli professor, possibly involved with Tel Aviv gay club shooting, but was caught putting up posters praising murder of the homosexuals in Tel Aviv.

Binyamin KluggerYad Lachim spy since 2011, spies on Messianic congregations for five years, suspected of vandalism of churches in Jerusalem area.


Both men have been arrested.   News reports on Binyamin Klugger have been quiet for some time.

Are these two salutes whilst arrested seem like a coincidence???   We can’t find after much googling anyone else doing this pose in handcuffs.

We noticed this and sent details to various blogs and news sites and no one was interested in publishing this, which was why this blog was born.

We hope the police and authorities can notice this.   G-d bless Israel and the Jewish people.

Jpost: Yad L’achim supporter and suspected murderer Yaakov Teitel in court soon again


It seems at the moment he is just being tried mostly for the murder of Palestinians currently.

Palestinian taxi driver Samir Balbisi was murdered in 1997 was picked up by Teitel at the Damscus gate shown here above.

The date of the trial is 28th June 2012, which happens to be 45 years to the day since East Jerusalem was annexed after the Six Day War.

An update has been put on the blog of the mother of Ami Ortiz, whose family was thought to be targetted by Teitel.

We think that Israel normally does well in its court cases, as its the only democracy in the middle east, but we pray justice will be done and the Tietel will be in the slammer for life, along with adequate sentencing for anyone abetting him.