Chabad’s missionary agenda – 1. Beis Moshiach magazine

Yad L’Achim and Jews for Judaism are two orthodox antimissionary organizations who are trying to silence the gospel message of Jesus/Yeshua to Jewish people in Israel and beyond.   Because these groups have strong ties to the Chabad Lubavitch movement, I thought it would be prudent to look at Chabad’s proselytising efforts and compare them HELLOMOTOto the claims made by anti-missionaries.

Beis Moshiach is a weekly publication for a Jewish orthodox audience on teachings of R.Schneerson as being the Messiah, hence the magazine’s anglicised Hebrew name “House of Messiah”

Many of Chabad’s members are quick to mention that only a small minority of Chabad followers consider Rabbi Menachem Schneerson to be the Messiah.

chabad magazine.png

However, the magazine’s publishing office is actually in the same Brooklyn New York street as the 770 house which R.Schneerson lived and taught and serves today as the worldwide headquarters for the Chabad movement, actually only a few doors away!!

The magazine was formed 1994 (actually this is the year that R.Schneerson passed away) they have 35 staff and $3.3m of revenue.   The magazine is normally published in English, but also in Hebrew.   The picture I took above was from a secular Russian/Israeli store in a popular main street in Jerusalem.  The magazine is owned by Beis Moshiach, Inc and has 40,000 readers.

> Chabad’s missionary agenda – 2. Making 770 houses worldwide

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