Jews for Judaism’s questionable financial accountability

ok, so we have covered quite a bit of Yad L’Achim accounting practices which has not a great deal of honesty.

What about Jews for Judaism?

On their web page, they boast that their figures are audited by some arbitrators.

j4j supportSo, do their claims live up?   ok, first of all, it seems that their Baltimore and Los Angeles operations are quite different.

First, lets look at ‘Independent charities of America’ figures who offer them some kind of accolade:-

independant charities on j4j

Doesn’t really show any figures which is quite convenient.

j4j baltimoreHere’s a screenshot of research from another organization that does scrutinize non-profits:

The last 990 forms were done 17 years ago!   there is a lot of holes in their recent figures.

j4j laFrom Los Angeles office:-
This looks a bit better, but no figures in the last two years.  But to be honest, its kind of odd making claims about how great they are ‘Best in America’ when there isn’t anything to support this.

Looking at Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) shows no figures at all.
So, when looking to get information on Torah and who the Messiah is, we think Jews for Judaism aren’t much more trustworthy then their claims to their accounts either.
The best way to check a charities’ figures is to look up these for yourself like we have done.   Free registration is required for more indepth views.  We think the same applies to Torah and the Jewish Messiah too.

Here’s another regulatory body that we prefer on Jews for Judaism.   Good Shabbos friends.

j4j charity navigator

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