New magazine from Yad L’Achim distributed in an odd way….

Yad L’Achim have released their own Hebrew language magazine for the purposes of stopping Israeli people from finding Yeshua as their savior, which is intended for those they consider Jewish people who have got associated with Messianic Judaism or Christianity.

yad mag back  yad mag front cover

back and front of new Hebrew publication ‘מחפשים’ or ‘Looking’

The 16 page publication can be read on their web site, but some local Jerusalem Messianic Jews have found copies suddenly sent to their addresses unsolicited.  Articles include amateurish cartoons of a stereotype of high-pressure missionary group and so called testimonies of Jewish people who have left Yeshua to being Orthodox Jews.    Many people like the Hershfeld family were non religious before they became Messianic, which makes you wonder why Yad L’Achim concentrate on saving secular and atheist Jews.

klugger gives the fingerLike most material with seen from this group, there is no articles on Torah study at all, just one page encouraging regular Jewish beliefs and practices.   Actually there is no mention of the Rebbe, Chabad Lubavitch or 770 which often is associated with this dysfunctional religious-by-image only group.

Visitors to one congregation were greeted by two Yad L’Achim activitists offering magazines to people leaving.   One of them who didn’t look religious replied he didn’t speak English, or maybe he was trained that way, as not comfortable to discuss faith issues with followers of Yeshua keen to ask them questions what they were doing.

As Israeli law prohibits proselytizing of minors without parental consent, we are wondering if Yad L’Achim are also breaking the law giving out religious material of a different sort, as there were young people we spotted.

Meanwhile, whist Yad L’Achim put on a facade of being something of a community spirit eager to give a ‘hand’ out to those in need, one of their operators still shows a disregard for politeness and decency.  Binyamin Klugger, shown is at event this week promoting the work of Yad L’Achim around different parts of Israel.  Wonder what he did to his finger?

The back page shows an offer or coffee and chat, and although the leadership of this group has changed in recent times, violence and threats have been part of the tactics of this organization.

We implore the generic public of Israel, and Jews of the diaspora not to give money or support to this group, nor let your families near their material.   We recognize though, that Israel is a democratic society and that this group runs completely the opposite of what decent Jewish communities are.

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