The Jewish Defense League are no friends of Jews

Guest post by Robert Cohen

A little off topic, but this disturbing post caught my eye a month ago;

jdl idiot2

jdl idiot1

Wonder if his employer is aware of this post?

We think these people ought to have some kind of announcement distancing yourselves from this kind of thing don’t you think?

Parents, keep your kids away from these people please….

Update: we did some more research….

Uh oh, check out the Antidefamation league’s article on these people here:

The Ethiopian Jews have enough troubles from their own nation without more filth like this.   We want the Israeli government to get them all over here and seem them prosper.

Of course we would like to think that racism is a rarity amongst Jews compared Islamic society, but lets not give the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people more reasons to hate us.

Love Israel, love the Jews, love Zionism, hate racism.   Shabbat Shalom everyone.

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