Lawsuit filed by Yad L’Achim against Israel Army Radio for refusing to air anti-missionary ad

This week in Caspari center, Media Review
In this two-page article, Zofnat Nordman discusses the lawsuit filed by  Yad L’Achim against Israel Army Radio for refusing to air one of its  anti-missionary ads in 2010. The ad in question ran thus: “Soul! Don’t  let your soul be deceived! Missionaries are operating throughout the  country during the holiday season with the intention of causing you to  convert. Don’t be tempted! Hold on to your Jewish identity with pride!  For more information – Yad L’Achim.” Israel Army Radio refused to air  the ad on the grounds that “Yad L’Achim’s activities and ideology are  seen as controversial by the general public and the ad is offensive to a portion of the population.”

The lawyer representing Yad L’Achim responded by saying that “all through  the exile Jews were forced – sometimes through torture – to convert to  Christianity. Other Jews, including entire communities, forfeited their  lives by refusing to convert. How can it not be permitted, in the State  of Israel, to air an ad that warns against missionary activity?” A  spokesperson for Yad L’Achim further explained to Nordman that “Christian mission is based on deceit. Its emissaries do not present  themselves as Christian but as Messianic Jews, who represent a Judaism  that believes in Jesus as the Messiah. Those ‘Messianic Jews’ hide their connection to a sub-stream of Protestant Christianity. Some of the  leaders of the Messianic congregations have been ordained, some are  Gentiles, and some are converted Jews.” Though their behavior is Jewish, “their theology is Christian.” When Yad L’Achim’s ad was rejected, they took their case to Israel’s Supreme Court.

 Nordman explains that at the heart of this case is a clash of worldviews, “a  clash of values that goes to the very core of what it means for Israel  to be both a Jewish and democratic state. Those clashing values give  substance to the main issue in this case – ‘a matter that is  ideologically controversial.’” This is why Israel’s Supreme Court is not in a hurry to settle the case – because it means settling “questions of value that touch on Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic  nation.”

Peter’s response; well if they ban all types of missionary work, this would be a huge problem for religious freedom in Israel.

camper jews at Kotel

chabad camper fbTake a look at this, these are ‘Mitzvah tanks’ a religious motor caravan are used by the Chabad Lubavitch movement encourage secular Jews to become observant, but everyone knows that this is a type of evangelism, and members and supporters of Yad L’Achim are followers of the Rebbe.  The vans all have stickers on the front of the Rebbe and large decals of him on the side.

Here is their Facebook group:-     Amazing that these vans just about fit to drive through the Dung Gate in Jerusalem!!

As mentioned before, a law on no proselytizing would be ridiculous and in contrary to the democratic nature of Israel.   We know many Jewish people who came to Israel to escape the former USSR to get away from religious persecution, we hope people can realize this blog shows Yad L’Achim are an extremist group.

Top job to Israel Army Radio to stand strong against this mob gang.

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