Missionaries in Jerusalem high street shock!

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Tallis cloths seen for sale in the popular Ben Yehuda Street in the middle of Jerusalem, meant anti-missionary society Yad L’achim got very upset this week.

For anyone who isn’t around Jerusalem, let’s walk our mouse or trackpad up Ben Yehuda shall we?

Actually we can’t get right into the street, as Google couldn’t drive up there, but just behind this corner, Chabad missionaries are proudly showing their yellow posters of their Rebbe Messiah, two or three days a week.

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rebbe dudeJust 1Km away you can see these posters in the nearby shuk.  In truth for anyone who lives in Jerusalem will know full well, there are missionaries in the shuk most days of the week.   They are Chabad ultra Orthodox Jews who encourage men to wrap tefilin and put on phylacteries, however these people have giant pictures of the Rebbe, Menachim Schneerson as a representation of the Jewish Messiah, so they are missionizing the Jews to become followers of the Rebbe.  Plenty of missionary posters are around town to encourage Jews to become followers of the Rebbe too.

Yad L’achim won’t comment on this as numerous of them are followers of the Rebbe themselves and encourage this!!

Spotting devoted followers of the Rebbe is easy to spot with the numbers ‘770’ on these guys internet username, email addresses and phone numbers, or yellow posters with משיח (Messiah) below a white bearded Rabbi with his right hand up.   Rebbe Schneerson only lived at his famous house in New York between 1988 and his death in 1994, but devotees treat it as kind of Jewish version of Elvis’s Gracelands house.

We hope the Israeli and Jewish public we recognize Yad L’achim hypocritical nonsense as Israel is a democratic country and Jewish people should be able to choose their definition of the Messiah.   For believers in Yeshua, he is the greatest Jew whoever lived!

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This story made Israel Today, a monthly magazine by Israeli believers here:-

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