Yad Lachim invite Messianic Jews to have coffee!!

I’m sure this sounds like an exciting opportunity for conversation on theological matters in an adult fashion, especially as Yad Lachim do activities such as:-

….set up a rally and preach an inciteful message to hundreds of Orthodox to intimidate the small Messianic community in Ashdod, Benny Vulcan asked his mates to help out on Facebook….

….sneakily film Messianic youth who are doing worship in a tent at an away event, out not bothering anyone….

pictures of messianics in ashdod

…..signs put up in areas to scare people with photos of Messianic believers, their names and sometimes addresses too.   This new poster they publicised from their friends at Xmessianic who have slightly edited it to distort the faces, it similar to posters that have been up before though.

Well – no sugar please.

G-d bless the Jewish people and Israel, but Yad Lachim need to stop the religious stalking and bullying nonsense.

Update: missing picture fixed.

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