Poster wars, missionaries, antimissionaries and hypocrasy

In recent weeks there has been some Messianic Jews putting up posters about Isaiah 53 to advertise their web site which is

Is this missionary work?  Well yes of course, one of the great things about Israel’s democratic society is that Jews can follow their own beliefs here.    Except for a group that were allegedly previous Messianic, and religious stalkers Yad Lachim of course.

rival posters  P1060407

Left: messianic and anti-missionary posters have been spotted at the same time, often the ‘’ posters get torn down, but get replaced swiftly.

P1060466  P1060468

The left hand poster with big red title hysterically screams missionaries are coming to get your children, the right hand one shows some Israeli celebrities saying Messianic Jews are not real Jews but Christians.    Actually Messianic Jews can have kippur and tzizit and differing amounts of observance, yes they worship the same Messiah as Christians but preserve their identity as Jews, especially as Jesus and the first generations of Christians were all Jews, even though sadly through history theres been notable examples of hatred to Jews from people that called themselves Christian.

he was despised and rejected by all people

This red poster from earlier this year here explains “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering” which is also from Isaiah 53, which (sic) has had the edge torn off.

But Yad Lachim and their Chabad owned religious owners are big fans of missionary work by posters too:-

P1060272  P1060271

These pictures of the Rebbe (Menachim Shneerson, who died in 1994 and some Jews from the Chabad movement think is the Messiah) are everywhere in Jerusalem!   But particularly popular all over the main vegetable market, the Hebrew caption clearly shows the iconic Chabad Rebbe as the Messiah although he never visited Israel, which is a prophetically a crucially important part of requirement for Jewish Messiah.

Yad Lachim save Jews from the mission but actually want to spread their own mission themselves.   More articles will be added soon about Yad Lachim’s Chabad and 770 Rebbe connections soon.

Shame they can’t offer some snippets of encouraging scripture that appeal to the broad Israeli public.   We hope Israelis will seek and pray to their Father who loves them if they get inspired by messages on street corners.


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