Binyamin Klugger admits still spying for Yad Lachim

It would appear Klugger is still actively spying for Yad Lachim or at least as a volunteer informant, after we reported on a decision to leave Yad Lachim via a career change he reported sometime ago….

He responds to our blog here:-

klugger responds to us

Well, we definitely don’t send incitement, and no one is forced to read our blog or associated Facebook groups.

Me suffering paranoia, no not really.  Well here is just a reminder of some of these things Binyamin has been upto which trouble us a bit….


These pictures got deleted very quick after we first reported them!

Oh, forgot to mention, Klugger still likes to travel around visiting Christians here working for a ministry working in farms like these:

Wonder if they knew he was 7 years of sneaking around different religious services in Jerusalem, speaking in communist countries like China warning them of the risk of ‘cults’ whilst working for the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, before taking on more discrete operations in recent times, afraid we don’t think he’s really changed his tune….

16/12/12 Broken picture fixed

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