The weirdest antimissionaries on Facebook

Strange Facebook profiles of antimissionaries!!

These snapshots were taken back in the summer.    Why the heck would you post a picture of your daughter undressing on the beach?    We initially blanked out this poor girl’s face and name so not to embarass her but actually its generic picture off the internet from a girly site!!

This lady is from the UK and has ~3,800 4,000+ friends.   She claims to be virulently antimissionary, but her name shows as “Ezra Anti-messianic (I-ezraleadersavior)”  showing she has something of a messiah-complex.

Meshugahs like this show how easy it is to rope ordinary people into rally against Messianic Jews.

Click twice to get a clearer view.   This nutjob claims to be an anti-zionist Jew who loves Jews and Muslims but hates Christians and atheists.

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