Pray for Messianic worship artist Ronen Shalom

This week we were very sad to hear of desert musician and Messianic worship singer Ronen Shalom has abandoned his faith in Yeshua and become Orthodox and was involved in a promotional video.   Ronen is a Sabra Israeli who found Yeshua in 1996.

This Youtube video titled “הסרט שלי” or “My story” was shown this week under Yad Lachim’s Minokhel user name.since renamed to:- יד לאחים יד לאחים

Ronen has done some wonderful worship music and I saw him play some of his songs in a Christian tour in the Negev around 5 years ago, before I moved here.    If you are reading this Ronen, we hope you can seek the Father’s will for your life and his son Yeshua.

In the meantime you can listen to some of his songs on Chavah Messianic radio here:

In the mean time pray that the wicked and decietful message of Yad Lachim to make Messianic Jews abandon their faith in Yeshua fail, and that many would U turn back to the faith, and that the b’shem Yeshua would be glorified.

Also here is a Facebook group to show Ronen and his family and friends your support.

Good shabbos friends, and stay safe and in prayer at this most urgent time as our country is under attack.

Update!!  21/7/13 we now know this video was made by Yad L’Achim staff member Rabbi Daniel Asor who has his own book about abandoning Yeshua.    Asor also runs his own business seperate to Yad L’Achim, so it appears this couple didn’t realize they were promoting Yad L’Achim at the time.