New video campaign to denounce 100 year old Rabbi’s discovery of Jesus


A new Youtube video from a user called is Minokhel shown on Yad Lachim’s Facebook group:

This video uses snippets of a film produced by Messianic Jew Jacob Damkani who tells the story of a 100 year old rabbi who left and envelope after his death with the name of the messiah being Jesus, story here from Israel today.

Now 5 years later, this Yad Lachim produced video that tries to discredit this by showing Rabbi Kaduri’s family and congregation showing it’s not real.   There is two copies of the video, in English and in Hebrew.

Who is the best person that Yad Lads have to be spokesman for this video?

MERRRRPPPP!!!! Why Yoram Sheftel of course, often nicknamed ‘Satans lawyer’ for his work in trying to get a Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk off the hook. We covered this slippery character sometime ago.   So it’s highly hypocritical they should accuse any Messianic Jews or Christians of antisemitism.   They could of got some cute Filipino girls instead maybe.

There are secret believers in Jesus within the Ultra Orthodox community.   Its likely its difficult for this man to speak truth while he was alive if he discovered the Moshiach is Yeshua without causing his community and family to reject him, which is why he left an envelope with a message after his death, or, there has been plenty of cases where people have accepted Jesus as their saviour just at the end of their life.

Israel allows democratic rights for Messianic Jews and Christians, and that includes promoting their faiths just like the Chabad ‘770’ missionaries and the Beslover missionaries.

Yad Lachim’s corrupt bunch cowards, who stalk and intimidate Israeli believers in Jesus, are documented by not antisemitic and conspiracy wacko groups, but by mainstream israel TV stations, the Antidefamation league (ADL) as well as us.

This video also made it to the news

We ask you dear readers to pray for Rabbi Kaduri’s family and community to also find their saviour.  Update!   Praise G-d!  this has happened check this Youtube video!!

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