Avraham Bitkin, Yad Lachim web site admin, psychologist, master of disguise and 770 missionary

Yad Lachim’s web site is registered to one of their staff Avraham Bitkin, the Rosh Pina Project provided a scoop on this two years ago, that he is a follower of the Chabad Rebbe.

Like his colleagues Binyamin Klugger and Meir Cohen, they are all fans of the Menachem Shneerson, the 770 rabbi who many of the Chabad think is the Messiah, although create hysteria that any Jew who believes in Jesus is a traitor.

Bitkin works as a psychologist for the Haredi community, here is a clip from his blog:

Here is that magic 770 number again!!!


Just like Alex Artovsky, he likes dressing up.  This photo we found on the left we think is Yad Lachim members swapping their Chassidic garb for disguises looking for folks they consider missionaries at a New Age festival in either Tel Aviv or Eilat.

Incidently the address ‘Derech Menachem Begin 125’ that the web site is registered to is where the Ministry of Interior in Tel Aviv is!!!    We really need Yad Lachim to stay away from government operations!!  ***

*** Update, it seems a lot of other businesses use the Ministry of Interior address as registered address including a Tel Aviv sex shop, this is probably the fault of the internet provider who sold them the domain name.   We discovered this when we Googled for this address above, so may not be anything untoward, just a bit embarassing!!!

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