Antimissionary activitist speaks about the 1980s in Yad L’Achim

This time focus is on web site, an underground network of antimissionary activists we touched on previously.

This fellow admits to be a staff member of Yad Lachim in the 1980s

We really like Messianic Jewish author and speaker Dr Michael Brown’s radio show and debates, he explains complex theological things to a wide audience and enjoys discussing with folks on completely opposite views to him, in a manner polite and respectful.

So its ironic that Mr Friedman has to work undercover there,

Its ironic that if you are teacher of converts to Judaism then you don’t use the “M” word!   🙂

Incidentally Yehoshua seems to celebrate the death of a Jews for Jesus member and exclaimed ‘he is boiling in excrement’.    What dreadful behaviour, this man and Jewish Israel project and Yad Lachim are no friend of the Jewish people.

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