Xmessianic/Yad Lachim youtube video exposed

The xmessianic.co.il antimissionary web site has an article trying to show Messianic Jews as paranoid and think the Yad Lachim are watching them everywhere.   We aren’t that paranoid, but we have uncovered quite a few snooping around by these naughty people again from Benei Barak!

Watch this video here:-


This video trying to show Messianic Jews in negative light was covered by a regular Israeli radio station, and was done for the xmessianic.co.il site

Who do you think put the video together?

Introducing Meir Cohen of Yad Lachim of course, this chap is busy doing a campaign by driving around in a car draped with “Lost Jews!” stickers and a loud speaker on the roof, warning people of missionaries!!

The same Yad Lachim Subaru Impreza is in a thumbnail in the owner’s Youtube channel as well as using a handle of “Yad770” 770 is a magical number to followers of the Chabad Rebbe Messiah who lived in number 770 in street New York.   This house today is a shrine for those who think Rebbe Schneerson is the Jewish Messiah despite he never came to Israel and died in 1994.

Remember how we mentioned we discovered that many Yad Lachim staff like Binyamin Klugger were actually followers and evangelists of the Chabad rebbe?    So is this guy, or at least someone who runs the Youtube channel!

If you want to promote you own religious system, why not just be grown up and be honest about it to start with rather than go and cause panic and distress in the streets?