Messianic Jews in Beit Shean have their cars set alight by antimissionaries

From 2009, Messianic Jewish family from Beit She’an had their van torched which was parked near a police station, this is the second vehicle destroyed by someone out to hurt them.

from the second link:-

Several months ago another car of theirs was torched and destroyed, said attorney Calev Myers, who is representing the family.

Two weeks before that, the Levine’s 11-year-old daughter was called to the principal’s office at her school and questioned by the city’s chief rabbi about her parents’ activities as Messianic Jews, Myers said.

The Levines were also kicked out of two apartments after their landlords were threatened, and recently a car with loudspeakers on it drove around near their home yelling that missionary Christians should be kicked out of Israel, he said.

This might or might not be the work of an organized antimissionary group, it might be from a handful of isolated criminal activists.   We are willing to bet they have may have been motivated by posters of Messianic Jews which are often put up by groups like Yad L’Achim.

Contacting Messianic believers employers/landlords to get them fired/evicted is a favorite tactic of Yad L’Achim and driving cars around with a loudspeaker spreading slander.

Lets put these criminals out of business for good.

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