Messianic believers in Jaffa provide challenge to site is an anti-messianic web site (in Hebrew only, so use Chrome browser for simple translation) which is a favourite amongst Yad Lachim staffers who often promote their work in their social media outlets to try and pursuade Jewish people that Yeshua wasn’t the messiah.


Here is a quick snapshot of the xmessianic site.

Just like promotional material that Yad Lachim and the Jewish-Israel project (who aim to get donations from Christians via third party) there is a lot of emphasis on the baptism pictures, historicaly a favourite thing antimissionary operatives sneak in to secretly take photos amongst Messianic Jews that are having a baptism service for new believers.

Here is the xmessianic-fake site from a congregation in Jaffa:-

It aims to counter some of the arguments of the xmessianic site.   Note, to site admins, the layout of the site seems wrong as the edges are cut off.   This happens when we look at the site in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9.   We hope this can grown to better represent how to see how Yeshua fulfilled the scriptures.

We know there are people who have left the faith sadly, as 1 Timothy 4 : 1 explains this would happen.   We know some of the more well known very motivated antimissionary operatives are ex-Christians.

However Xmessianic seems similar to a lot of other anti-Messianic literature which distorts the prophetic words of the bible to hide the fulfillment of these words by Yeshua.   This is because a lot of the antimissionary folks are really trying to win Jews for the Chabad messiah Rebbe Schneerson who completed exactly zero prophetic parts of the Torah and didn’t live in Israel.

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