Alex Artovsky is the living spirit of the Shul… and the party!!!!!

Here is Alex Artovsky, hes an ex-Russian cop who came to Israel and has a very senior antimissionary role within Yad Lachim.

We think the living spirit of a religious place should be G_d, but each to their own.

Actually, theres more to Yad Lachim‘s most senior and secretive anti-missionary operative – if our sources are correct, Rabbi Artovsky is a bit of a party animal.  Artovsky went to a big Purim event in Kiev, Ukraine.   Its a little hard to identify him, as all our pictures we have he changes his beard frequently.    Wonder what the stick on label is on the vodka?

If its not this fella, then its probably him:-

Talking of beard changes, here’s a bit about his disguises:-

“Artovsky IS in his early forties, but looks older with his long, thick, gray-streaked black beard. A veteran immigrant who was a policeman in the former Soviet Union and then in Hadera, he fills up a room with his booming voice, expansive gestures and loud, joyous laugh. Describing how he enjoys going incognito among missionaries, he pulls his beard this way and that, saying, “Sometimes I’ll go as a hippie, you know?  –

Full images from party in Ukraine here:

Interesting costume choice of some of the folks at this Purim event!!

Not only this, but his buddy Alexander Melamud got into a bit of controvasy with a video he did based on a Lady Gaga song featuring nudity and drug taking.,7340,L-4029344,00.html  Don’t play this at work…