Lev Lachim’s crazy lottery

The other not quite so well known antimissionary brothers Lev Lachim, are on a fund raising campaign – is it a lottery? a frequent flier scheme?  who knows!

Looks like we are not the only ones a bit baffled.  Heck, Rabbi Uzi Zohar might want do his logo and text without stretching it so it gets all blocky, and make it clear what kind of offer it is.

Original link here.  We guess that the people listed here have been ‘tagged spammed’ rather actually involved with this dubious operation.

Rasing money for food and clothing is never a bad thing, as long as any fund raising is done honestly and transparently, and not used for criminal activity like their similar sounding brothers.  It would appear each ticket for this promotion is $256, rather steep – making Yad Lachim’s $180 to pray for your family looking not so bad…

Shabbat Shalom folks…

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