More on Scientology and criminal underworld

Following on from yesterday’s article – Scientology church re-births in Jaffa

On this second part item on the re-launch of the Scientology church in Jaffa, we will make one thing clear, like Yad Lachim, we don’t like Scientology either.

There must be enough information on their shady operations to fill plenty of dedicated blogs, so we will just touch on a little bit. is a good starting point to study on one of the weirdest religious groups ever.

In 2010, the Scientologist church burnt down, according to Haaretz newspaper:-

It seemed then this group was unpopular by Jews and Arabs alike.

Like Yad Lachim, the Scientologists made some bad choices on lawyers.    Let us introduce you to Gur Finkelstein, this article from 19th May 2011, a Tel Aviv lawyer who allegedly paid a gang 120,000 NIS to murder his ex-wife’s new lover.    They blew up a car with the driver and his 4 year old daughter hurt but recovered.


The same article mentions that Finkelstein got this gang to cause harm to Tel Aviv building inspector Shoter Hovel when they found out the Scientology church  renovation had violated building regulations.   It is also thought he arranged burning down of the Scientology church later to gain more commision in construction work!!

Wikipedia article (Hebrew) on Gur Finkelstein in

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