Antimissionary blogger Esser Agaroth thinks Jews that marry Filipinos are “disgusting and evil”

Israel has a good sized minority of Asian immigrants from the Philipines who work in the elderly care and nursing sector.   They are hard working, polite and do a thankless job for a low salary and unsocialable hours.   Many of them do live in with holocaust survivors.    All of them we are aware are legally here with a visa allowing them work in this Israel as they do a job many people don’t want to do.

There is maybe at least two churches made of Christian Filipino workers in I think Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, most probably in their language, so hardly a basis for any form of missionary work by suspicious members of the frum.

This blog post by Esser Agaroth is a warning about Jewish women dating Arabs and Muslim men.   We think its a sensible comment that the two may not be a wise choice for women intending to stay Jewish.

The same author of this blog, makes a comment at the bottom that gives us some concern though:


Shows that he is quite an unpleasant character, big follower of Yad Lachim and other antimissionary and Christian hating creeps.

As fellow Zionists in the Jewish state, this blogger is a bigot and an embarrassment.

You can read here about his spying on Messianic Jews and Christians on his writings also.   The only “missionary” activity these people had done is a wear a Tshirt about Yeshua in public and a group of Korean Christians who do worship songs on Ben Yehuda Street faithfully every weekend without troubling anyone.   He seems particularly interested in annoying people  quietly reading their own religious material also.

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