Binyamin Klugger (pretends to) quits Yad Lachim

Exclusive! – Yesterday, Yad L’Achim boss Binyamin Klugger has quit.

We are pleased that Yad L’Achim has lost one operative who has been involved with spying on Messianic Jews and Christians living in Israel, and trying to coerce Israelis that have accepted Jesus to change their mind.

Recently people accused us of stealing pictures.   That’s quite true.   In a lot of ways that’s the nature of political type blogging, including those attacking/defending Israel and the Jewish people, use snapshot images and text of what their opponents say.

Our tools for this type of theft is the PRTSC key on our keyboard and Microsoft Paint.

We don’t go sneaking up on people, or visit a religious congregation with a different belief system to our own to gain sources of information though.   The only ways we gain information is via Google and Facebook, maybe with the exception of Yad L’Achim’s office in Jaffa which one of our anti-anti-missionary associates was on holiday near there.

Our motive is to build an online dossier of criminal activities to help the police and lawyers dealing with those who have been hurt or harassed by Yad L’Achim.

On the other hand, we would like to wish Binyamin and his family the very best for his future plans.   We really genuinely mean this.

Here’s a good quote from the Brit Hadasha, that we are not attacking people but ideologies and organized groups out to cause harassment and distress.

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,   but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

If YL don’t write unpleasant things and stir up trouble amongst our brothers and sisters in Eretz Israel we will take a holiday from this blog and enjoy the warm weather and visit some places.    If not, then we will be back.

Good Shabbos everyone.    Take care.    Peter.

Update: He didn’t really quit.   he changed his mind, or it was a lie to throw us off.