Newspaper ad campaign of hate from Yad Lachim

Last year ads went in Haaretz and Jerusalem Post from Yad Lachim likely at considerable expense to demonize Messianic Jews and spread lies to the general Israeli public.

Full article from Sid Roth here.

Sadly people keep giving Yad Lachim money.   Above is Benny Vulcan and the frum from Bnei Barak collecting cash on Tu B’Av and visiting grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.

We are a bit confused about why the ultra religious do this wander around this domed grave/shrine thing.   Wandering round a bit of stone in a religious fashion seems a bit similar to Muslims do at the Hajj in Mecca, nothing based on Torah.   There are rumours that visiting the grave of Rabbi Yonatan provides a partner to those that are single, despite the Rabbi never married himself.

Please write to the Israeli government and get Yad Lachim shut down.


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