Yad Lachim in hot pursuit of missionary mania in the north!!!

Yad Lachim are getting a little upset about missionary CDs being sent in the mail to households in northern Israel.

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So, they planned a poster campaign in Nazareth, Nahariya and Yokneam.


Thing is though, is that Yad Lachim totally not realise that a much bigger missionary campaign is already happening in Jerusalem.

Pictures of the Rebbe, Menachim Shneerson are not new and have been commonly around for years now, but it seems almost every trader in the shuk market has this, take a look;




Not convinced its Missionary posters slapped on every wall in J-town?

The Hebrew text is:

יחי המלך

Long live the king
The messiah

Are Yad Lachim particularly interested in this?    Probably not.   Why?

Because Yad Lachim antimissionary freaks are followers of the Rebbe themselves!!

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