Yad L’Achim leader spotted at Chabad missionary synagogue in New York

There is much hysteria from Orthodox Jewish about people getting them to change their religion.

40 year old Yad L’Achim leader Binyamin Klugger who is a French convert to Judaism from Catholic background who is part of an organization for stalking and harassing Jewish people who accepted Yeshua as their Messiah.

Many followers of the Chabad movement have this idea that Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, an Orthodox Rabbi is the Messiah.

Except he didn’t fulfill even one of the prophecies that the Tanakh outlines for him to be the Moshiach.   He was born in what was the Soviet Union (now Ukraine) and died in Queens, New York.   Interesting enough for Klugger, Schneerson learned to speak French, but never once visited Israel.

Here is Klugger at a synagogue in New York during Sukkot two years ago.   In case you can’t read the blurred text on the left, the same writing is on the right in the same building.


It clearly says: “Long live our master, teacher & rebbe king moshiach for ever & ever.”

You know what, we are happy for the Chabad to do their missionary work, we would like to see them debate with an experienced Messianic Jewish teacher like say, Dr Michael Brown and see what their story is why the Rebbe is.

We support people being able to freely tell people about their own definition of their messiah in Israel without attacking people with a different ideology, for which Yad L’Achim are well known for.