Tablet Magazine’s detailed background on Yaakov Teitel

Seems criminals life stories always make fascinating reading regardless of how wicked they were.

This article has detailed background on Yaakov Teitel as spoken by his friend and neighbor.

A reminder, Yad Lachim officially say he has nothing to do with them, despite the Teitel was a volunteer with them for 5 years.

The late Dov Lifshitz founder of Yad Lachim from Haaretz:-

Here is the official recruitment page for Yad Lachim, it would be certainly interesting to know how the hiring process works, and how they check the background of potential recruits.

This part from David Ortiz who is the father of terror survivor victim says:

“Contrary to reports from the police and Shin Bet, David Ortiz believes Tytell is a professional assassin, working for a group. He even believes that Tytell’s trademark, the “V” sign for victory, is a signal to his followers, which says, “Continue without me.”

We thought something was a miss with the mysterious V symbol also done by Binyamin Klugger back in May.