Meet Benny Vulcan from Yad Lachim antimissionary team

This is Benny Vulcan, he is one of the more vocal of Yad Lachim’s team of antimissionary demonstrators.   There is a video interview with him from this Romanian Christian news channel at 5: 53 onwards, sorry there is no English or Hebrew translation.   Please be in touch if anyone has the English version.

At a rally in Arad last year, Benny says:-

Credit due to Boslife at:

Using the word ‘erase’ sounds like a strong term you would expect from a criminal gangster organisation.

Substitute the word Messianic Jews with Chassidic Jews, Settler Jews, Ethiopian Jews, or even Sudanese refugees, Palestinians, Bedouins, or any other group of people and Arad for any other town, and there would be understandably be an absolute outrage.

Benny Vulcan was arrested along with Binyamin Klugger back in May as our earlier article for suspected criminal damage on buildings and cars owned by Messianic Jews in Jerusalem.

Update: Vulcan’s arrest is covered here:-

Its time for authorities in Israel to be their foot down and class Yad Lachim as a bunch of criminal troublemakers.

We also along with the Messianics in Arad ask for Christians and Messianics to pray for this community and others in Israel for their safety and for their ministry to continue ‘business as usual’  and for folks in aggressive antimissionary groups like Yad Lachim, and Jews for Judaism that persecute them to have their hearts changed and to receive the truth about their saviour.